3-2 Canucks vs Flames makes my heart sing

The boys pulled out a pretty damn nice game. They had a ton of baby Canucks and the Flames were stacked with veterans. On paper it didn’t sound promising but the Canucks came out better than they have in 3 games. Sanford let in one bad goal but then was an absolute monster for the majority. I’m not too worried if Lui has to take the odd night off. They played hard tonight. Out shot and maybe out skilled at some points but the boys were scrappy and didn’t give up. Kelser is looking sharp. He’s sounding so much more comfortable when interviewed and his attitude is better. Hopefully he doesn’t get unlucky injuries this year and can have a giraffe sized season. And what was this? A power play goal? Amazing! Flames wins always put me in a good mood. And I know it’s pre season but I don’t care. The only thing that would have made things better is if Matty O was playing. Oilers today. And the London game. A whole day of hockey and no class? Fabulous!

Just heard Bieksa and his wife are going to have a baby boy. Congrats to Kevin!

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