Matty O, IPB, and the Humming Giraffe

This is a delayed explanation of why my blog is called The Humming Giraffe. Pookie, over at the always fabulous IPB, declared that Matty O looks like a humming giraffe. In a very good way. When Matty O was declared my favorite Canuck, it seemed like the perfect fit. So thanks Pookie! Make sure to check out IPB if you are OK with never getting work done again. Pookie and her sister Schnookie are absolutely hilarious and the rest of the regulars that drop by are just as fantastic.


9 thoughts on “Matty O, IPB, and the Humming Giraffe

  1. I was just saying to Schnookie the other night that it’s been so long that we’ve been referring to Matty O as a humming giraffe, that I can’t even remeber which of us thought it up in the first place. It might have been something Schnookie came up with in the first place, but since we share a brain, if I take credit for it, she basically does too, right? Hee hee!

    As for the IPB Irregulars, you guys are the best. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, IPB would not be a fraction as much fun without the extraordinary group of people we’ve been lucky enough to find through the blog. Thanks so much for being so awesome, everyone!

  2. I can totally vouch for the coolness of IPB! If anyone reading this hasn’t been there yet, it’s SO COOL! Go check it out right away!

    (Thanks, humminggiraffe!)

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