Opening night

The day before opening night is one of the best days of the year.  New hockey is so tantalizingly close you can almost smell the ice at GM place. There’s a perfectly clean slate for whatever team you cheer for. It’s a time for a fan to be as optimistic as they’ll be all year. Well, I guess cautiously optimistic if you’re a Canucks fan. That win/loss record is at zero and it feels as if anything could happen. I’ve never been so excited for a season to start.

All the hockey talking heads have written the Canucks off, of course. I’m going with positivity to start. I predict that I’ll last 5 games before the boys cause me to drink. In all seriousness though, I’m excited to see what the boys can do. Lui was a monster last year, and he’ll be more comfortable in the western conference . Nazzy and Mo are just dying to get on the ice and prove to everyone they still have it. Kes has been flying out there and he’s bound to improve, unless something unforeseen happens. The Sedins improve every year, who’s to say we’ve seen their highest point totals? You know Trev is going to give everything he has left to try and get a long awaited Stanley Cup. I can’t finish a post without mentioning the D. Our D kicks ass. I’m most looking forward to watching beautiful Matty O skate around quietly doing his thing, then surprising everyone with a huge hit.

I’m going for disgusting amounts of positivity. Until the boys blow a 2-0 lead for the first time and cause me to drink heavily. It just wouldn’t be the same without that! I predict a 3-2 Canucks win tomorrow night. Even if I’m proven wrong, I don’t care, it’s new hockey! Sit back and enjoy the ride.


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