Weekend Hockey

Between stuffing myself with Thanksgiving food, I managed to catch both games. I love Thanksgiving! My brother and sister came out to visit me and the food was delicious. All in all, a good weekend to relax and stuff my face and watch some hockey.

Two games in and I can already tell I’m going to be an absolute mess by the time the season is over. The San Jose game was mindnumbingly awful. The boys had no jump, no chemistry, and pucks were being turned over like hot cakes. Luongo even looked like a human. They let Jeremy fucking Roenick score two goals. One game into the season and I couldn’t remember why I was so excited for hockey to start again. I was cautiously optimistic that the Calgary game would be better but my expectations were low.

Saturday’s game? Totally awesome to watch. End to end action and the boys were flying out there. They scored four power play goals! What a relief that was. Usually the power play has me wanting to drink myself into a coma. Nazzy looked incredible tonight. He came out and looked like he wanted to win this game from his first shift. Our Capitaine scored, had one assist, and set up the whole play for Danny’s game winner. Plus hitting that little bitch Phaneuf? Hilarious! So unexpected, but I loved it. If he brings that to a possible playoff run? I’m excited. My darling Matty O was fabulous as always. The handsome Swede scored and was totally adorable in his too few close ups. Two games in and he leads all Canucks in shots on goal. Clearly my recently declared love and favorite player status is lifting him to new heights.

What a difference between two games. The Canucks sure don’t make it an easy ride for their fans. By the time April rolls around I’ll be lucky to have a liver left with all the drinking this team leads me to. But would I have it any other way? Hell no. I love this team and this game. Bring on the Flyers!


2 thoughts on “Weekend Hockey

  1. Isn’t the regular season a fantastic roller coaster ride?

    “They let Jeremy fucking Roenick score two goals.”

    Yeah, seriously…shame on them. That is inexcusable!

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