Oh Captain, my Captain

What is it going to take for Canucks “fans” to get of Markus Naslund’s back? For years there has been this rumour going around that Nazzy is not a good leader. People claim he’s too quiet in the room, doesn’t show enough passion on the ice, hasn’t led the team past the second round in the playoffs etc etc. If he was such a bad captain, wouldn’t management have found a different captain after all these years? In two seperate interviews this year Kevin Bieksa and Daniel Sedin have said that Nazzy is a great captain and one of the most vocal guys in the room. I’m more inclined to believe the guys inside the room, instead of the Vancouver “media”. It’s too bad the whining didn’t stop after those interviews. Nazzy is having a great start to the year. He’s playing with an edge and looks much happier on the ice. Apparantly, he hasn’t even played his best game yet. I’m looking forward to seeing where Nazzy can take the team this year.


3 thoughts on “Oh Captain, my Captain

  1. Partick Marleau gets the same bad rap in San Jose. He seems quiet, so everyone assumes he’s not a good captain. It’s dumb. Naslund is fine, he just needs someone to feed him the damn puck, then everyone will back off of him.

  2. I think that’s what people say about team captains when they can’t think of anything worse to say (that they’re “too quiet in the room” or that they’ve “lost the room”). Jason Smith used to get that too, when things were going poorly. I haven’t checked, but I bet they said that about Mark Messier in 1990 too.

  3. Chris Drury was quiet and non-emotive on the ice and as much as I hate him now :-) he was a very good captain. I make comments once in a while about people not seeming captain-y but in the end, you’re right, you gotta believe the guys who are actually in the room.

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