Kings 4 Canucks 2

I think I may have jinxed the guys when I said this would be an easy win.  There was both good and bad in this game. The guys dominated in long stretches.  In the first period I thought they looked really, really good. In the second, they had that collective ten minute melt down that led to all the Kings goals. It’s such a damn cliche, but if they can start playing sixty minutes, they will have a much better win record. It was annoying to see the Nucks lose at home again, but there was some things I liked.


Pysie sticking up for Hank Sedin after he got slammed into the boards from behind. Boy can fight! He threw some nice punches. His play looked really good after the fight too.

Matty O. I thought he had a nice bounce back game after his tough one on Monday.  One of the only really solid guys on defence tonight.  He had that nice goal to get us close to tying the game up. Plus he’s adorable!

Burrows/Kesler/Cooke That line was all over the ice.  Kes set up both goals of the night, Cooke scored the only goal of the first period, and Burrows was getting some really nice chances on net.

Lukas Krajicek. Looks really solid. It’s fun watching this guy get better and better every night. One of our best skaters. Looks so much more comfortable on the ice this year.

It would be nice if the Canucks had a better record at this point, but they’re getting closer to playing the way they did in the second half of last year.  Faceoffs are slightly better. We’re bound to see a full effort soon.


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