Vancouver is mental

I know I just recently posted about Nazzy but I just need to rant again. He’s tied for second on my favorite Canucks list after my darling Matty O. So I guess I’ll be mentioning him a lot as well.  It’s pretty amazing that he hasn’t run out of Vancouver screaming.  Nazzy just never, ever gets any credit. The media rags on him for being too quiet and never speaking up about the team.  In an interview he mentioned that he’s frustrated with the way the team has been playing offence.  Here he is talking about the team and giving his opinion, and he gets told to shut his mouth and be quiet.  Come on!  That is just ridiculous. Frankly, I agreed with his comments.  His play is not suited to the dump and chase method.  Why not have him play to his strengths? When he’s hitting guys, he’s not scoring enough.  When he’s scoring, people bring up his poor +/-. 

Sure, I would love to see the Canucks playing better.  The D has not been playing to their strengths, and the offence hasn’t had any sustained attack.  It’s not fun watching the endless parade to the penalty box.  But last I checked hockey is a team sport.  All of the guys have to play better.  This endless attack on one player is just dumb.  I’m going to just try and put these last games behind me, and hope the guys get their shit together against Detroit tonight.  In my opinion, the best is yet to come for Canucks fans.  Hopefully I’m not delusional.

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