One step forward, one step back

I’ve been neglecting my blog a little bit.  School is pretty busy at the moment, but mostly I’m just a little uninspired. Everybody in Canuck land had such high hopes after last season, and with the guys off to a rather shaky start, nothing has been very positive.  I don’t think it’s time to panic yet.  The Nucks did look better in the second Detroit game. If they had not let those last minute goals slip through, it might have been a different result on the score sheet. Nazzy/Kesler/Pyatt was my favorite line in that game.  Pyatt really played like a power forward, and Kesler’s speed seemed to get Nazzy going.  If the two young uns catch on to where Nazzy is going to pass, I think that line could be pretty dangerous.  You never know with Coach V and his lines though, so they might not stay together for the game against Nashville. 

Matty O is probably glad to have Sami back, those two seem to work really well together.  I’m pretty pissed about the Vancouver fans saying Matty O had lost a step. Sure, he’s made a couple of mistakes with the puck, but definitely nothing disasterous.  He’s been solid more often than not. The defense obviously needs to tighten up everywhere, it’s ridiculous to think it’s just Matty O that’s bringing everybody down. Unfortunately, Krajicek is going to be out now with a bad ankle, so the top 6 still hasn’t played together!  He was looking really good, I’m pretty disappointed.  One of these days, this team is bound to all skate together, and play a full sixty minute game.  Otherwise, it’s going to be a loooooong season.


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