I have no idea what to say

That Nashville game was so horrible, I don’t even know what to talk about. I completely fell in love with this team last year. They weren’t scoring many goals, but the guys worked their asses off.  They were scrappy, and everyone had a role on the ice.  All the hockey people had written them off, and they went out and proved everybody wrong until the end of the season. The Nucks didn’t have any skaters that were totally lights out, but everyone worked so well together as a team.  This year, I have no idea what is going on. Nobody looks in sync, they can’t get out of their own end, passes aren’t connecting, and it looks like no one is having any fun.  I still love this team, but something is going to have to change extremely quickly if they want to be playing hockey past April. Poor Sami and Kevin.  Both those injuries were pretty disgusting. I hope their recovery goes well and they’ll be back on the ice as soon as they’re ready. 

Finally, Vancouver fans, jeering Lui and cheering the Pred’s last goal.  Absolutely bush league.  I know they’re not giving us much to cheer about right now, but that was just gross. I wasn’t expecting anybody in GM place to be cheering, but people could have just been silent. Good luck in November Nuckies, you’re going to need it!


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