Good game boys!

This is the best we’ve seen the Canucks yet. They came out flying and didn’t stop working the whole first two periods. Their forechecking was fantastic! While the home record is still appalling, they are a perfect 5-0 against their division.  It will be tough having to play Colorado back to back, but it finally feels like they’re on a bit of a roll.  I would love it if the boys could not let up a lead in the third, but I guess it would be weird if they didn’t. All the Nuckies played a good game, but there were a few guys in particular that made me grin like an idiot.

First up, Trevor Linden becoming the all time assist leader! If it had happened at home, GM place would have been rocking. Congratulations to Trev! It couldn’t happen to a classier guy.  Now all he needs is a Stanley Cup.

My darling Matty O played a really nice defensive game, and got in a fight. He’s an all round stud! He doesn’t fight a lot but he looks good when he does. I loved that Phaneuf was practically foaming at the mouth and Matty O was just very calmly throwing punches. Go Matty O, it’s your birthday, Go Matty O!

Ryan Kesler is so fun to watch. He didn’t show up on the scoresheet, but this guy works his ass off! More than once he jumped in front of shots and he was creating chances with his speed. He and Iginla were going at eachother all night and they’ll probaly fight next time they see play the Flames.

Jannick Hansen is awesome! I adore this guy. He hasn’t scored yet, but he’s been close. I love his game. He’s strong along the boards and doesn’t get pushed around easily. Not one of our baby Nuckies that was praised for being offensively flashy, but I think he has the best chance to stick around.

Alex Edler calmly breaking up 2 on 1s put a big smile on my face.  He’s so calm and collected.  It’s hard to believe he’s only 21.

Lui in that final 5 minutes when the Flames finally woke up was outstanding! It looks like his slow start is well behind him.

If the boys play the same kind of hardworking game against the Avs, I think the game will be close. Go Canucks!


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