Ryan Kesler is a stud

The way the schedule is set up this year, there is a bunch of long breaks in between games.  I thought I better come up with some other things to write about when there isn’t a new game to talk about.  Eventually the Humming Giraffe will have posts about why each Canuck is fantastic, and why we love hockey players in general. 

Ryan Kesler is the lucky recipient of the first Humming Giraffe Golden Seal of Approval and Studliness.  Kesler has not always had an easy time as a Canuck.  There was that little offer sheet from Bobby Clarke that forced Dave Nonis to pay 1.9 mill to keep our young Kesler around.  When he wasn’t collecting points like crazy his first couple of seasons he was berated for not being worth the money. The Humming Giraffe is able to look past the offer sheet, because Kesler’s recent studly behaviour far outweighs that. 

After coming back earlier than expected last season from hip surgery, Kesler breaks his finger after blocking a shot during his first shift in the playoffs. Our young stud is so disappointed he won’t be able to play in the playoffs because the finger is completely shattered, he asks them to slice it off. Thank goodness the trainers didn’t listen, but that’s how dedicated this guy is.

This season, I don’t think I’ve seen Kes take one shift off.  He is absolutely flying on the ice and has drawn multiple penalties with his speed.  He’s blocking shots, forechecking, setting up plays, and crashing the net. His linemates play better with him on a line.  Kesler is bursting with confidence this year and he’s ready to break out big time. I’m so delighted the Canucks decided to keep him, and I’m having so much fun watching him on the ice. 

Ryan Kesler, the Humming Giraffe salutes you for being such a stud.  Congratulations on your seal and enjoy your complimentary gift basket. Keep up the awesome work.


5 thoughts on “Ryan Kesler is a stud

  1. I was so excited when I read over at IPB that there was a
    “Humming Giraffe Golden Seal of Approval and Studliness” that I ran (navigated) right over to check it out!
    Nice work THG!

  2. I am too, Patty! Hopefully Gary Bettman will start reading THG and get right on that :p Me neither Sarah(Flo)! I love watching this guy. Thanks for your comment.

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