Canucks 6 Wild 2

Who saw that one coming? I should admit that I wasn’t looking forward to this game at all.  The Canucks sure proved me wrong about this being a boring game to watch. 

Easily the best we’ve seen the boys look this year.  Their puck movement was fantastic and they look like they have their confidence back.  I loved that they didn’t sit back on the lead after the first period and kept buzzing in the offensive zone.  Lui was fantastic, but for once he didn’t have to be fantastic.  All the other guys chipped in.  I think I heard thirteen guys registered a point.  That’s when you know you’re getting balanced scoring. 

I’m delighted that Luc Bourdon got his first goal! What a great shot on the power play.  That’s great to know we have a back up while Sami’s out.  What a confidence builder for him.  It was really nice that Cooke went to get the puck and so adorable that the guys were so excited for him. 

The Wild are bitchy when they’re losing! Wow.  Marian Gaborik with an elbow right to Kesler’s head.  It was really fun to see Kesler driving Gaborik completely insane though.  Kesler is really figuring out his role on the team.  I’m pretty surprised that was only a two minute penalty.  Boogard throwing a tantrum after getting hit from behind by Edler and trying to start a fight with Willie Mitchell.  Of course, how could we forgot Koivu’s elbow to Matty O’s face that led to the slash.  As much as I love Matty O, I don’t support his slash.  He is definitely not a dirty player, but he probably took things too far.  He was pissed about getting elbowed in the face and he lost his temper.  I can kind of see where he was coming from. 

Too bad the next Wild game is PPV because the rematch should be epic.  These teams all of a sudden hate each other and it should be entertaining.  Go Canucks!

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