Matty O Suspension and another win

So Matty O was suspended for four games.  Matty O is my favorite player so I’m annoyed I won’t see him for awhile.  I’m not denying he deserved a suspension.  He definitely did.  I’m just pretty annoyed that he was given a suspension while all of the Wild’s elbows to the head were apparently not even looked at.  I love hockey, but the NHL has to be more consistent about their punishments. Kesler or Ohlund could have easily ended up with concussions.

The Calgary/Vancouver game was fun.  The boys played another really solid game.  Everyone is chipping in and I love it.  Naslund probably looked the best he has this year.  What a gorgeous pass to Willie Mitchell to get that goal.  Good job for Isbister to get his first goal as a Nuckie.  Still loving Ryan Kesler, and our baby d men are fantastic!

Congratulations to the Riders! I have to admit I’m a Riders fan and not a Lions fan.  That’s what living in Saskatchewan will do to you. I’m so excited for them.  Go Canucks, Go Riders!


5 thoughts on “Matty O Suspension and another win

  1. I love MattyO too (except when he’s playing the Oilers ;) ), and the act was uncharacteristic, but the difference is Kesler and Ohlund didn’t wind up with concussions, while Koivu was left lying on the ice with a broken bone. He’ll likely be out longer than 4 games, and players are never the same coming back from broken legs. The suspension seems fair to me, and I’m not just saying that cos with Ohlund, the Canucks would have been harder to beat last night for Edmonton. ;)

  2. Oh I definitely agree the suspension was fair Mike. He`s never been a dirty player but that was a very bad reaction. And it`s a shame that Koivu`s leg was broken. I just wish the NHL would move away from the actual injury factoring into the suspension. If they`re serious about removing head shots, any blatant shot to the head should be suspended (ie Gaborik on Kesler) But yeah I`d say Matty O was pretty lucky getting 4.
    Your boys are killing the Canucks in shoot outs, eh? My goodness. But the Nucks had no business winning that game anyways :P Except for Luongo.

  3. It’s not clear to me why the actual injury should not factor in – that’s how our legal system handles it, after all. The league could work around that by giving blatant head shots (that don’t result in injury) match penalties during the game, or single game suspensions + same fine for a match penalty if reviewed after the fact.

    Edmonton’s killing everybody in SOs, Hemsky’s magic and Gagner’s only missed one. Too bad they can’t score in regulation, on the power play, or in many other situations either.

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