Canucks 4 Oilers 5(SO)

Well they managed to get a point out of a game they had no business winning.  For the first time since the Nashville fiasco, the boys came out really flat and let the Oilers skate circles around them. It happens. As long as they get back to their good habits in the next few games, I’ll get over it. Let’s hope the PK kicks in to gear against Minnesota.

Three things that I loved about this game:

Lui! He is unbelievable. Seriously. He was determined to steal us a point tonight. His saves on Gagner in particular were ten kinds of awesome.

Alex Burrows’ shorthanded goal. I love this guy! That goal was a beauty. He doesn’t score a lot, but when he does they’re almost always really pretty.

Nazzy’s power play goal. That was vintage Nazzy. Such a gorgeous goal. I think he must be having fun again playing with the Sedins. Nobody has really made a fuss about this, but with eight more points, he’ll become the Canucks’ all time leader in points. I can’t wait!

I’m pretty nervous about Minnesota tonight. Boogard’s being a silly thug, and I think it might get messy. It doesn’t help that the Canucks probably didn’t get into their hotel until around 4 am. Seriously schedule guy, put down the bong. Absolutely ridiculous. I hope the guys just try to come out strong again, and stick to their game plan. Go Canucks!


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