I love this team

Every time I doubt these guys for a second, they go and prove me wrong.  I have to admit, I was expecting a loss because of their late arrival into Minnesota.  If they had come out tired, I would have had a hard time being mad at them for it.  That was just a fun game! Not absolutely flawless, but very solid.  I’m not sure why I was worried about that Boogard guy.  Nazzy and Pinky and the Brain were not intimidated, and Boogard got all of three minutes of ice time.  How fun is that line to watch right now?  They all look they’re having fun playing together.  Nazzy’s hat trick was beautiful!  I was so excited.  He’s having fun again and it shows.  Sanford’s a really solid back up goalie.  It’s nice that he was able to get another win in his limited playing time.  Ryan Kesler’s coast to coast goal was gorgeous too!  It got a little lost in the excitement over Nazzy’s hat trick but it deserves mentioning.  He’s been working hard for ages and everything seems to be coming together now. 

I’m so happy everyone is playing so solid! Not too sure what to expect for the Blues game because I’ve never actually seen them play.  Should be a nice change from all these division games.


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