Nuckies are on a roll

What a fun month to watch the Canucks! After that Nashville game, they figured out how they had to play and now they are on a major roll.  There are so many good things to talk about.

Nazzy’s “comeback” and inspired play. Wow!  He’s skating so well! His wrist shot is back! He’s having fun on the ice and it shows. Face it.  The Canucks captain kicks ass.

Louie’s personal and franchise shut out record! 3 games. 193 minutes without giving up a goal. I’m still pinching myself that Vancouver has this guy in goal.  I wish I had been at the game last night because the crowd sounded amazing at the end of the third period.

Ryan Kesler is still a total stud and what a year he is having.  He’s winning face offs, he shuts down the top lines on other teams, he’s hitting young rookies into their benches, and he’s scoring some goals after flying down the ice. I’m having so much fun watching him right now. It’s so nice to see him finally finding his game. The coaching/management were so right in being patient with him.

Alex Edler is a really nice surprise! He’s only 21 and is already so good. What a nice job he is doing filling in while Bieksa is out.

Those guys really stuck out to me, but really all the guys deserve an A+ for this month. Everybody has really come on, and found a role on the team. The all Swede line is magical, and the other lines are clicking as well. Bravo, Canucks, Bravo!

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