Canucks win a weird one

The game last night was a very frustrating one to watch at the time, but today it just kind of made me laugh.

What I really liked about this game:

 40+ shots on net

Pyatt had an amazing game. This is the best I’ve seen him look, I think.  When he powers to the net, good things happen.  Use your body like that all the time, big guy!  Nazzy seems to really benefit from that play too.

When Lui had a tough night for once (in regulation), the guys didn`t freak out, and kept pressing to tie it up.

Trev scoring in the shootout to keep us in it, and Edler scoring the game winner.  Edler was so adorable in his interview afterwards, and the guys on the bench were super cute when they were congratulating him.

Pinky and the Brain and Mason Raymond were awesome handling the puck.  They just need some more finish.  I`m sure we`ll see it in time.

Lui`s glove saves in the shootout.

Burrows setting up that beautiful play for Cooke. He looks like he has tons of confidence this season, and is already on the way to a career season. It`s too bad Cooke missed the damn open net and robbed him of an assist!

If the guys can compete like this against the Sharks, we might finally get a win against them this season.  Go Canucks!


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