Just a low point in the season?

The Canucks are looking a little shabby right now.  Maybe the injuries are finally catching up to them, but something is just off.  It’s clear now that the team really misses Mo and the defence is doing the best they can, but I think it will really help having Matty O back soon.

I’m not one of those fans that complains about management and coaching decisions all the time, but AV has really confused me in the last week.  I get that they were soft against the Sharks, and he wanted the guys to be tougher to play against, but I really don’t see how sending down Raymond and Jaffary was a good idea.  They were already having trouble scoring goals if their names weren’t Sedin, but now let’s have even less offensive talent up front?  While I love our grinders, it makes no sense to have Brown AND Cowan AND Rypien AND Cooke all in the line up at once.  Sure, Raymond and Jaffary weren’t putting up a goal a game, but they were creating chances and doing something in the offensive end.  Personally, I really like Mike Brown.  I think he’s done his job and earned a spot.  He’s a good skater and fun to watch.  I’d like to see him stay in and some of the other guys sit out.  Hopefully Trev Linden comes back in and Nazzy is no longer on a checking line.  The guys really need to figure out their game, especially with the Wings coming up tomorrow.  Go Canucks!


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