Congratulations Nazzy

1000 games is quite an accomplishment! Nazzy’s a classy guy and deserves to have reached this milestone.  For all the crap he gets from the media and Vancouver fans, he is still one of the most exciting players to have ever played in a Canucks sweater. I hope he stays around for a couple more years and wins a Stanley Cup with Lui and the guys. 

The game last night really made me fall in love with this team again.  Lui was incredible and all the guys did a great job turning the momentum and coming from behind to tie it. Can they play all games like they did in the third period? That was probably the most entertaining hockey we’ve seen from them all year.  

The next challenge will be beating the Kings.  Even though they’re a last place team, the Canucks have had trouble with them all year.  Good luck boys!


8 thoughts on “Congratulations Nazzy

  1. Even as a fan from a division rival, I feel like I should extend my congrats to Naslund. He’s a talented player who seems to get all of the blame for EVERYTHING piled on him.

  2. Thanks Kirsten! He really does get everything piled on him. I feel bad for him. He’s an awesome guy who just needs a talented guy to play with. Congrats on beating us the other night :p

  3. I can’t say that I know too much about him off ice, but I know he’s been a rock for you guys through some less than stellar times. He deserves some mad props for the shit he’s had to put up with.

  4. He’s lovely off ice and does tons of work in the community and is always super nice and classy to fans. He definitely deserves mad props! It’s kind of funny that a fan from a divisonal rival sees that better than a lot of the Vancouver faithful.

  5. I try very hard to be at least minimally fair to all teams. I also try to avoid blind hatred (though I’ve failed with Pronger). Now that I’m out on the West Coast, I’ve had to pay more attention to the Canucks because they are the team that I have the best hope of hearing news about.

    I have to respect anyone who takes time to give back to their community and hasn’t let fame go to their heads. Sheepishly I have to admit that I’d like his autograph. Gotta keep that on the down low, because Wild fans would have my head.

    Many of the faithful seem to be too busy heaping blame to step back and see what he has done well. I’m sure people from other teams have found things to respect about my team that I haven’t noticed in my intense anger at them during less than stellar times. It just seems to be the trend.

  6. Hee. I’m right there with you with Pronger. I won’t let it leak out that you want a Nazzy autograph. That’s a very good point about not noticing good things when you’re so caught up in the other stuff.

  7. I’m hoping to head up to Vancouver at some point, so who knows. Maybe I’ll be able to grab an autograph, I could even do so in Swedish if I felt so inclined.

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