Canucks fans don’t have to hurl themselves off the bandwagon just yet

Finally a win!  The guys definitely needed this game.  They can go into the all star break feeling good, and they finally got a come from behind win.

All the lines were buzzing tonight, but for some reason the guys kept missing the net or hitting posts.  Very frustrating! Vancouver might have to do something to get back in the Hockey Gods good graces. 

Matty Ohlund had an amazing game!  He’s a total stud offensively and defensively.  And a first star too.  I was wearing my Ohlund sweater with pride.

Hank Sedin is now tied with Joe Thorton for assists and one back from Sidney Crosby!

Danny Sedin’s shootout goal was gorgeous!

Lui let in one bad goal, but was a beast in the third period and the shootout.  His saves in the third period made my jaw drop!

I’m actually really looking forward to the all star game and watching Hank play without Danny.  Hopefully Alex Edler has fun in the young stars thing. It’s very nice to go into this break with a win.  Good job Nuckies.


13 thoughts on “Canucks fans don’t have to hurl themselves off the bandwagon just yet

  1. Haha, oh man. That reminds of the Canucks rap that was up on YouTube. Please tell me you have seen it! You’re right, it would be the brain, because it’s alway “Pinky and the Brain”, “Daniel ( I had to look up his name…I’m a bad fan), and Henrik”, so the order is right. Good call.

  2. After Boogard said that, Henrik decided he was the Brain because he was the playmaker. Daniel just agreed haha. I have seen the Canucks rap! I died laughing.

  3. I totally didn’t know that they had this all decided. Huh. Does that mean that Henrik is sort of like the older brother of the two? The Canucks rap is one of the greatest things I have ever seen on YouTube.

  4. I think I remember reading that Henrik is older by like 2 minutes or something…that might be wrong though. I agree. I could watch it again and again.

  5. Thanks for clearing that up, ladies.
    I’d be bitter too! I think I’m too competitive to have a twin.

    I could watch that rap 40 times in a row, but better yet is the clip of Phaneuf completely falling on his ass in front of the bench and the announcers just laughing at him. NOTHING besides Prongers faceplant can top that.

  6. lol Kirsten.

    Wow. You’ve been obsessed with that rap for the past month now. XD

    Have you seen the first rap that guy did? The whole Bulis part was hilarious.

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