Nuckies are hitting a wall

Injuries are killing the Canucks right now.  Everyone is trying pretty hard, but Mo and the key guys on defence are really missed right now.  They’re playing not horribly, but they have to start getting some points.  ASAP.  Otherwise, the guys are going to be watching the playoffs from the golf course.  I think the Florida road trip will hopefully go the Canucks way.  Lui’s back, and maybe they’ll be a little more confident. 

I did like how AV dodged some bullets for his team in the press conference.

Can they waive Isbister/Cowan and bring up Brown instead? Brown was actually energetic and won most of his fights.  Those two are doing absolutely nothing. And yeah, ok, I just really like Mike Brown.

It’s getting close to do or die time.


4 thoughts on “Nuckies are hitting a wall

  1. Yeah. They heard our prayers about bring up Brown, but it seems they thought our request for less injury meant we wanted more cause guess what! :D SALO IS INJURED! WOOHOO!

    It’s like the gods of hockey are challenging us to be awesome than awesomer.

    P.S. I don’t mind Isbister much, he worked better in the Kes shutdown line than Cooke… >_> tho they both have stonehands. But this is just me. I’ve been annoyed with Cooke since last seaosn. >_> gah.

  2. That’s a good point about Isbister and the shut down line, they did look stronger when he was there. And yeah Cooke annoys me too. I know he’s a very sweet man, but he is not earning his 1 mill. SALO TOO?!? Man, we really can’t get a break.

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