Times are not good, sports fans

I don’t want to talk about it.  I’ll just say the same things all over again. 

This is about all I got for right now:

The Florida announcers were really praising Matty Ohlund.  Nice to see him getting some props around the league.

It breaks my heart that Nazzy didn’t make that penalty shot, because now all the stupid fans and media will completely ignore that he had a great game otherwise.  He had two assists and probably would have scored the game winner if he hadn’t been pulled down.  But no.  All we’ll hear tomorrow is “Naslund is not clutch! Trade him for a bag of pucks! Trevor Linden would have scored on that shot! Strip him of his C!”

Start fucking playing Trev Linden.  He couldn’t possibly be any worse than what we have now.


12 thoughts on “Times are not good, sports fans

  1. You’ve hit the nail on the head. Nazzy’s penalty shot in OT was pretty exciting, however, he played one of his better games through the last 2 months. As for Linden, I get nervous whenever he touches the puck. Kind of the same feeling I used to get when Cloutier was in net, and any team was handling the puck around him! Linden makes an ‘alright’ 4th liner, and nothing more.

    I sure hope the nucks can turn the tide soon, it’s do-or-die time!

  2. Ha! I got the same feeling with Cloutier. While I do agree Linden has lost a step, I would take him over Cowan any day. At least Linden doesn’t take stupid penalties. And now we have Mike Brown who actually wins some fights. It definitely is do or die time!

  3. I don’t know Kirsten! It breaks my heart. I almost do hope he leaves after this season, just so he doesn’t have to put up with all the negativity anymore. Good job on beating the Ducks the other night :)

  4. alix, if Vancouver doesn’t want ‘im, we’ll take him back!! No receipt necessary and it’s fine if they lost the tags! ;)

    Silly Canadian hockey microscope.

  5. Hee! You had your chance once and you blew it! But yeah maybe for Nazzy’s sanity that’s a good idea. He would look mighty nice on Sid’s wing. I luff him though, I hope he stays.

  6. Naslund looks good almost anywhere…How old is Naslund? He’s been around seemingly as long as I can remember.

    Thanks! There is almost nothing I love more than beating the crap out of the Ducks. Almost.

  7. Yeah. I almost wish it was another player making that OT penalty shot instead of Nazzy cause the reaction either way will be embarrassing.

    If he made that shot his “fans” (read: bandwagoners) will rub it in the doubters face only to find a way to bash him the next game.

    If he didn’t well.. :P it will be the same old reaction.

    I’m not the biggest Linden fan, I admit (I wasn’t here 94 and I only saw him as a player when he came back to the Canucks and well.. he wasn’t as great as he probably was), but I really want him more than Cowan or Cooke in the lineup. I want Isbister or Linden over Cowan or Cooke in the lineup.

    I’ve already mentioned why I want Izzlebizzle in (cause he was more effective than Cooke in the Kes shutdown line with Pyatt or Burr), and Linden is just.. well :\ he doesn’t make as many dumbass plays.

    I understand AV wants the grit and intensity, but we already have that in abundance: Brown, Burrows, Kes, Ritchie… that’s usually more than enough in most teams. -_-

  8. Yup. I agree. Linden is definitely not the player he once was, but seeing Cowan take stupid penalties, losing his fights, and not scoring, and still in the line up over Linden, it really bugs me. And yeah Cooke is missing wide open nets and all that.

    You’re right, Izzlebizzle was good on that line. He gave them another big body. You would think that would be enough grit for sure.

    How about our possible defensive line up for tonight, eh? I’m a little terrified.

  9. They played waaay better than I thought! Still sucks it was another loss, but it could have been a lot worse. The baby Nucks were quite good. Nazzy had a great game! I was happy for him :)

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