Two points! And an entertaining game

I enjoyed this game.  The Canucks came out really pissed off after that Colorado game and it showed in their play.  Of course it wasn’t an easy win, because that just wouldn’t be Canucks hockey.  That weird bounce on the Hawks second goal got me pretty depressed, but it evened out later.  Everyone seemed to have a good game. 

Nazzy was on fire! He was hitting guys and skating well and that tying goal in the last minute was just plain hard work and skill. Matty Ohlund’s pass was bouncing in the air, and he managed to direct it right into the net.  He seemed extra happy about that goal too.  If he plays like this through the stretch run, I think the Nuckies will be in pretty good shape.  The Sedins played well with him too

Taylor Pyatt with a massive hit! That was hot.  He has seriously picked up his overall game this year.

Ryan Shannon has really impressed me in his latest call up.  He hasn’t made as many defensive mistakes, and he’s not scared to shoot the puck, which is nice to see.  For a little guy, that was a pretty nice open ice hit in OT.  I had to double check that I wasn’t seeing things. And let’s not forget his spinorama shootout move! He has some guts for sure.  I’m still laughing about him getting hit in the head by Khabibulin, and then just turning around and pumping his fists and “woooooing!” in his face.

Alex Burrows had another great game.  He always works so hard, so it’s nice to see when he’s rewarded with a goal.  It was a beauty too!

I thought all of the defence looked quite good.  I wasn’t expecting anything out of Luc Bourdon and Nathan McIver, but they have both made some very nice plays.  It would be pretty fun to watch those two and Kevin Bieksa in the line up all at once because they can all be mean, physical guys.

Lui was a beast in the shootout!

The penalty killing was hot tonight.  Ryan Kesler and Alex Burrows were being especially aggressive. 

Rinslet has been saying for a while that she liked Brad Isbister on the checking line.  I agree and thought he looked quite good last night.  If AV just leaves him there, maybe he won’t be a healthy scratch so much.

Overall this was a good effort, and with any luck it will continue for the games coming up.  Winning is so much more satisfying.


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