Canucks win prolonged brawl 4-2

Wow!  This game was insane! Probably the most entertaining game this year.  I always figured the Canucks and the Lamers hated each other the most, but I think the Oilers and the Canucks might hate each other just as much, if not more.  There were fights constantly and scrums after every whistle. The Canucks really needed this game.  Everyone had a great effort and it was nice to see all the guys sticking up for each other.  So much happened in this game, I’ve probably forgotten half the stuff I wanted to write about. 

I laughed in the first period when the Canucks penalty box was so full the penalty guy had to stand outside.

The Swedish meatballs line was hot tonight.  7 points between them.  I thought Nazzy especially had a great game.  He was skating well and it was fun to see him trash talking with Moreau near the end of the game.

Kesler and Burrows were awesome.  I find it very entertaining watching them battle with whatever guys they’re checking.  I liked how Burrows slashed Stoll after being hit by him when he was celebrating his empty netter.  He won’t take crap from anyone.

Luc Bourdon had a great game.  He has been getting better and better each game, and that was a nice move to save the puck when it got behind Lui.  I would be sad to see Bourdon go in a trade, unless it were for an absolute amazing player up front.

Izzlebizzle played well again.  He looks good on the checking line.  Props to him for standing up for Kes after Kes took a bad hit.

I did not expect Mike Weaver to be a pretty good fighter, it was fun to watch.

Trev was hot getting in a fight in the last few seconds.  It made me laugh when Shannon and Raymond were trying to get in there too.

Lui was on fire tonight.  Several of his saves were the “Oh my god, how did that not go in?” type of save.

Watching Mitchell and Brodziak fight was fun.  Mitchell had this huge smile on his face the whole time.

A sorry move by MacTavish putting Stortini out for the last faceoff.  Yeah, Raymond and Shannon are really going to go head to head with your goon.

Stortini is on my shit list if Pyatt is injured from that hit and Greene is on my shit list for elbowing Kes in the head.  Whatever Oiler was grinding Trev’s head into the ice at the end of the game is most definitely on my shit list.

A good effort and much needed two points.  Hopefully the guys can build on this game and put some wins together in the next few weeks.


18 thoughts on “Canucks win prolonged brawl 4-2

  1. I’ve always hated Stortini after he injured Krajicek last year and then scored a goal against us (his first career). >_>

    Willie was so hilarious when he was fighting. He’s just smiling as if it’s not even worth fighting Brodziak. haha and the ref patted him on the helmet after so adorable. I love Willie so much.

    SHANNON and RAYMOND. It’s hilarious when Shannon dropped his gloves, lol. XDDD!! and Raymond yelling at Greene who was on top of Linden? oh man.

    This game is just great. I don’t think I can delete this off my pvr.

  2. I can’t stand Stortini. And CBC camera people were in love with him. They were showing him every few minutes. Hee! I had forgotten about Raymond yelling at Greene. So funny. Willie is awesome. I really wish I had taped this game!

  3. Stortini’s one of Edmonton’s best ES players, believe it or not, and after the last four or five games he’s had, he was as worthy of being out there in the last minute as anybody else.

    Put it this way: who had more points last night, Hemsky or Stortini? Kesler did a great job checking Hemsky, only the big boys were really able to fight their way through.

    It was a great game, Greene’s hit on Kesler was over the line (but considering what Kes was doing to Hemsky all night, I don’t think he can complain too much) and Cooke’s on Roy was brutal, but aside from that, pretty clean considering all the fights. I don’t blame Burrows for retaliating when Stoll bumped him, but slashing somebody in the ankle with your stick Isn’t Really Very Nice either.

  4. Oh I don’t deny Stortini is a good player for you guys, I just thought it looked like MacT was trying to send a message. But maybe I was wrong.

    I was actually really impressed with Hemsky taking whatever Kes was throwing at him and not backing down either.

    Cooker should have definitely let up, but I hate when the guys turn into the boards, it scares me.

    Nope Burrows slashing wasn’t very nice, but neither was Staios slashing his arm while he was scoring :p

    Good game though! I can’t wait to play your guys next time. Nice to hear from you again.

  5. The Oilers?!?! You’re making it really hard for me to like you :p Looking forward to the game tomorrow. I think your recent luck against us will run out.

  6. But they became my team after both the North Stars AND the Jets abandoned me. I have to have love for them.

    I’m looking forward to the game too. Certain people in my life do not respect that I NEED to watch the game, so they have scheduled something that will take me away for an hour, but I think I’ll survive.

  7. I was so proud of my little Hemsky! Seriously though, the last time he tried to fight he ended up on the ground, had to have Ryan Smyth save him, and then took a couple disgruntled little swipes at whoever it was afterward in lieu of actually fighting. He’s gotten much better lately at not letting his size put him at quite as much of a disadvantage.

  8. alix, you mean right after Burrows scored? That was Stoll, he shouldered him. Extremely uncool and unsportsmanlike. Didn’t justify the slash in the ankle though; the one is a pissoff, the other ends careers. Stoll deserved to be told that was uncalled for though, and since I guess he’s fine, else MacT would be screaming bloody murder – no harm, no foul.

    I have no doubt that Stortini being out was also a message – but he had every right to be standing on that ice, that night. I have to say, I’ve no clue where his sudden streak of usefulness comes from, but if he keeps playing like that he won’t exactly make us forget Semenko, but he’ll always have a spot on these Oilers.

    Love those Sedins though, except when they play the Oilers – that was a dandy last night too.

  9. I do like hearing about 4th liners succeeding above expectations, so I’ll try to let up on Stortini a bit. Actually your whole 4th line looked pretty good and kind of embarrased us.

    I might have gotten confused about Stoll/Staios with all the different crap going on.

    I love the Sedins too, they’ve been having some great games recently, along with Nazzy.

    The Oilers looked great against Nashville, I was actually rooting for them.

  10. That fourth line has been great the last couple of weeks. One of the best lines. Great for Brodziak, Stortini, and other winger-du-jour (Glencross lately). But when your fourth line is the one carrying most of the play and Zachery Stortini is your best player for more than a game, that explains why you’re going to be watching Brian Burke use your lottery pick.


  11. Just after we talked the Sedins up, they had one of their worst games ever. Ha. But we still got the win thanks to our stud of a goalie, and Mason Raymond.

    It was a shame you guys lost Horcoff, he seemed to be doing a lot for you. Good point about the 4th line. The Oil have been playing pretty well lately, so maybe Burkie won’t get a super high pick. What is your opinion of Kevin Lowe? Did he deserve that extension?

  12. Hard to say. Lowe’s a guy who swings for the fences and never backs down from a fight. Great in a battling 2/3/4 defenseman, the jury’s still out if you want that in your GM. Did he deserve the extension? I think so, but if this team is a top-10 drafter for the rest of the way, he doesn’t deserve a new contract, not when they’re spending as close to the cap as they are.

    Horc is a guy who started from the bottom and worked his way up, he earned everything he ever got. Losing him was the end of the playoffs for this team, it just took them a while to realize their head had been cut off.

  13. Maybe it will take a year or so to see what Lowe has really done, because you have so many young guys. It seems like your guys are close to being quite a good team, but I might be off base.

    That’s really sad about Horc then. Boo.

    Are you hoping Lowe does anything at the trade deadline?

  14. They should mostly be good players in a few years, yeah. Whether they’re still Oilers or not, who knows.

    I don’t really see what Lowe can do. Any vets he trades is one less vet next year, when they’re already short on leadership. Trading kids is useless, and it’s hard to trade junk for quality. So, I hope he does nothing.

  15. Probably makes sense. I’m hoping Nonis does nothing as well. I know the Nucks need a top 6 forward, but I think the price for them is too high right now. This is the first time in ages we’ve had a few good prospects.

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