Canucks are going streaking!

Two wins isn’t a long streak, but it feels good.  It is very satisfying beating the Wild in their own rink.  The Canucks were schooling the Wild in the first half, and they were lucky Backstrom was playing well.  It seems like winning that fight filled game on Saturday gave the guys some of their swagger back.  I’m glad the guys got two points, but it was a pretty boring game overall.  AV and Lemaire wanted to prove who could out line match the other.  There were a few things I really enjoyed in this game though.

The best part of this game by far was Matty Ohlund getting booed all night, and then pretty much setting up the game winner for Hank and Danny Sedin by being totally bad ass in front of the net.

Nazzy scores another huge goal to tie it up.  Very nice to see him getting some results, and at important times in the game.  It made me laugh when I heard Tommy and Shorty in the radio highlights after.  Tommy was screeching that Nazzy is Captain Clutch, but other times he’s ripping in to him about not being gritty enough.  He’s funny to listen to, but he sounds like most of the bandwagonners on the Canucks website.

All of the rookies put a pretty good show on tonight. Luc Bourdon looks good on the power play, Alex Edler has suddenly decided he’s going to be an offensive defenceman, and Ryan Shannon and Mason Raymond looked great all night playing with Cookie.

A bit off topic, but the guys bringing their dads on the road trip is adorable.  It’s been fun to check out the pictures of all the dads.  Bieksa’s complete bad assness is explained, because his dad is even more bad ass.  If someone needs a body guard, they could just hire those two.  Rumour has it Bieksa might be back for the game on Saturday, which would be awesome because I’m watching that one at GM Place.

Next up is Nashville, which is another big game.  The Canucks will want to keep streaking.


5 thoughts on “Canucks are going streaking!

  1. This is true, but two points for us and no points for you would have been better. At least I didn’t miss a really good game or anything. That makes me feel a little bit better. I’m pretty sure the camera guy had a man crush on Naslund. Either that or it was a woman. Everytime I got a chance to flip on the game, his face was the first thing that they showed. Creepy.

  2. Yeah it was a pretty dull game overall. Nice play by the Swedes at the end. That was about it. That’s funny about Nazzy. Better Nazzy than Stortini.

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