Luongo kicks ass and steals two points

Did Lui deserve to win this one or what? That was a hell of a performance.  He’s been playing well lately, but he was just insane in this one.  Thank goodness he decided to show up, because the rest of the Canucks looked pretty dead. 

Except for Mason Raymond.  He had a fabulous game.  Maybe when Mo comes back, he can skate with Raymond and Ryan Shannon.  They would be a tiny line, but they could probably out skate the big, scary checkers. 

The Sedins looked atrocious tonight.  But the Canucks were finally able to get rid of that scary stat about losing if Hank and Danny don’t record a point, so that’s something.

It was really nice to see Bieksa in a game after so long.  He didn’t have the strongest defensive game, but he’s been out forever, so he gets a pass for now.  He’s just really fun to watch, and it was great to see that he wasn’t afraid to get in the middle of things again.

I thought the reffing was very suspect, but I hate when people complain about the refs after a win, so I won’t get into it. 

Basically, I’m happy Lui stole us two points.  The other guys will definitely have to tighten up against Detroit, and they better put on a good show, because I’m going to be at the rink.


One thought on “Luongo kicks ass and steals two points

  1. He made so much ridiculous saves last night. The type where WTF HOW DID HE GET THAT type of saves.

    If we hadn’t won that game he would have been breaking some Canucks legs with his goalie stick.

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