Four in a row!

I love this team!  Four games in a row feels great.  The defense is finally getting healthy and it appears to have strengthened the whole team.  Bieksa seems to have influenced the other guys, and they’re pinching in like crazy. It’s fun to watch.  The forwards have an easier time getting set up as well.  This was the perfect time to start streaking, and if they keep playing this well they can probably catch Calgary for the division lead.

I went to the game on Saturday.  It was fun even with the dictator like refs.  Edler and Salo have been on fire lately, and it’s great the d are getting their offensive game back.  Matty Ohlund was sweet to get his assist right in front of me.  I love watching Burrows and Kesler together.  They have great chemistry on the ice, and it looks like they are good buddies in general.  Kesler’s goals were freakin gorgeous!  Let’s keep this guy!  Some beautiful passing plays by the twins and Nazzy happened right in front of me, it’s too bad they were snake bitten all night.  That was probably my last live game of the year, so I’m glad they won.

It seems like they are finally out of their slump, and we’re starting to see what this team can do with almost everybody healthy.  I’m really excited for the last twenty or so games.  I don’t really want Nonis to do anything tomorrow, if it means we’re going to lose somebody.  The guys all seem to like each other, and team chemistry can take you a long way.  Raymond and Shannon are coming on strong, the defense is starting to score, and Mo is back sometime in March.  I would rather see who they can get in the summer, without having to sacrifice their good young guns. 

This next stretch is my favourite part of the regular season.  Let’s see if they can make it five in a row!


12 thoughts on “Four in a row!

  1. Trade deadline is murdering me. I am considering skipping class just to survive the afternoon.

    Why did I not bring my laptop?


    ugh. I hate myself sometimes.

  2. Trade day is making me insane! I decided to skip my last class. I can’t believe we lost Cookie! I know he wasn’t performing well this year, but he’s been wearing the orca forever! Even though he could be a jackass, I’ll miss him.

  3. Apparently Pettinger is the same-ish crash-and-bang player as Matt Cooke… only bigger in size and stature… and younger. And faster? Apparently… :P So only time will tell if we became less thuggier.

  4. LOL. Simon-Boogard-Fedoruk line as a checking line against Pinky and the Brain perhaps?

    yikes. :P

    Or maybe they want a “Slasher” on their team cause they think Ohlund is the Canucks resident slasher … XD

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