Goodbye Cookie

I’m pretty shocked.  I had somehow convinced myself Nonis was going to do nothing today.  Cookie wasn’t having the best season, but he had looked good recently on the kid line.  I don’t know anything about Pettinger, so I can’t say if he’s an upgrade.

I’ll miss you honey.  Thanks for all the clutch goals and monster hits.  I’ll always remember you sitting on the bench at the end of the Edmonton game, and giving that punky smirk as you looked out on the ice.  It made me laugh.  Thanks for all your work in the community.  Good luck in Washington. 

Love Humming Giraffe


2 thoughts on “Goodbye Cookie

  1. Yeah he was never one of my fave guys, but I was sad when I read it on tsn. It surprised me. I guess because he’s been a Canuck ever since I started watching. But Burrows and Kesler were replacing his agitator role, so I guess it was coming.

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