3-2 loss should have been 2-0 win

I was out last night and only saw bits and pieces of this game.  But from what I saw, they gave up the lead in the third again, and lost out on two points.  I didn’t want them to do that a second time.  Since I missed most of the game, I didn’t get a close look at anybody, but the Pyatt/Shannon/Raymond line looked great.  With Mo coming back soon (yay Mo!), the lines will have to get shuffled, but I hope those three can somehow stay together.  It would be nice if the Sedins could figure their shit out, and start scoring at the same time as the rookie line.  Then they could really start rolling.  If they give up another lead in Chicago on Sunday, I might lose it.


2 thoughts on “3-2 loss should have been 2-0 win

  1. Man, Pyatt’s been fantastic all season.

    I love how he’s proving everyone wrong when they say he needs the Sedin Twins. Even last year he can score without them, and this year he has proved he can practically score in any line you put him in.

    Not to mention he upped his defensive game sooooo much.

    I hope he keeps this up until next season.

  2. I agree! Pyatt’s been out playing everyone! He’s not going to match his goals from last year, but his overall game has improved like crazy. I adore him.

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