A Sunday afternoon wasted. Canucks lose 4-1.

What a joke that was.  10 shots on goal?!?!  Totally pathetic.  The Canucks came out extremely flat and didn’t deserve to win.  I don’t want to make excuses for the players, because they should be motivated to stay in the playoff picture, but AV is not helping either.  His line juggling is so irritating and accomplishes nothing.  Obviously the Sedins are slumping, but they have played the best with Nazzy!  And now Shannon and Raymond, who were showing some great chemistry are split up too!  I don’t get it.  I think he had little Ryan Shannon on the fourth line for a few shifts with Cowan and Rypien.  There’s no way this loss should be totally on AV, but that was not working at all.  Funny how Burr and Kes were the only ones that scored.  Maybe because they are the only players that spend more than 2 minutes together. 

That being said, their effort was atrocious.  Even if they started the playoffs today, who knows if the the majority of the team would actually show up to play, or care about winning.  The Canucks are in real danger of losing their playoff spot.  I am so annoyed with them.  If they don’t come out better against the AVs, I’ll scream.


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