Canucks stomp Predators 6-2

Well that was fun!  This was a surprise.  Just when you thought the Canucks were going to roll over and die, and never score more than one goal again, they bust out with this.  Sure, Nashville had goalie issues, but the Canucks dominated pretty much from start to finish.  What a great team game this was.

Bieksa is totally hard core.  Some people have been bitching that he hasn’t been defensively sound, but whatever dudes.  He hadn’t played for four months!  That injury could have been career ending.  It’s obviously going to take him some time to shake off the rust.  Yeah, he sent Nazzy some bad passes, but he is so fun to watch.  He stands up for his team mates and doesn’t take crap from anyone.  When that Nashville punk shot that puck at him, you knew Bieksa was going to kick some ass.  His angry asshole stare is one of my favourite things to watch in Canuck games.

Poor Danny Sedin couldn’t buy a goal.  He was trying everything!  But his three assists were good enough to get him first star for the night.  The Sedins and Ryan Shannon were fabulous on the power play.

Mason Raymond had another beeeeautiful goal, and was pretty much shouting, “Don’t ever healthy scratch me again!” Can we keep him, Coach? Please? He’s ever so speedy and likes to score goals.

Petting Zoo got his first goal as a Canuck which was nice to see.  His line was flying all night.

The checkers did their job well and Burr really set the tone of the game with his early shorthanded goal.  I’m so happy he’s finally having so much success.  If anyone deserves it, it’s Burr.

While I missed Matty Ohlund a lot, the other d-men did a great job covering for his absence.  Sami Salo had three assists.  He has definitely picked up his offence.  I thought Alex Edler looked great, especially on the penalty kill.  Logging a ton of minutes didn’t seem to phase him either.  Luc Bourdon looks better every time I see him.  It was nice of him to stick up for Aaron Miller by challenging TooToo to a fight.  Too bad he got cross checked in the face for his troubles.   

Jordin TooToo is a total jackass.  While he didn’t have to skate a hundred feet to charge Miller, the actual hit was clean.  The cross check on Luc Bourdon was classless though and uncalled for.  I hate cheap stuff like that.  

Nazzy had a rough game.  I hope he works out of his slump soon, the poor button.

Lui let in a rare, very soft goal, but for a change he didn’t have to be a total rock star.  He must have appreciated the six goals.

I loved the puck possession and passing they all had in this game.  It was nice to see the guys gunning for the win instead of playing so cautiously and trying not to lose.  More of this please! Good luck against the Blues!


2 thoughts on “Canucks stomp Predators 6-2

  1. Jordin TooToo is a total jackass.

    Very well said. As a Stars fan, I can’t stand him after his hit on Modano last season and then sucker-punching Robidas.


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