Canucks finally beat the Kings

This game almost broke my spirit when the Kings took the lead so late in the third.  The Canucks had worked so hard but were just unable to finish.  Thinking we were going to get swept by the Kings was a horrible feeling.  Just in time Burr and Kes came through yet again! 

Burr and Kes are so hot right now!  Their chemistry is just amazing.  A couple of plays they somehow found each other wide open, and it was like Sedins x2.  Couldn’t have won this one without either of them.

Nazzy finally had a really good game.  He still didn’t score, but he looked dangerous many times.  His line with Raymond and Pettinger showed some promise.  Nazzy looks so much better off the rush than trying to do the cycle game.

Mo was back! It was so nice to see him skating around again.  Ritchie, Shannon, and Mo were an itty bitty line.  So nice to have him on the ice again.

Matty Ohlund played like a stud tonight.  He made some huge plays to keep the puck in so the Canucks didn’t lose momentum.  His hit on Kopitar was awesome.  Kopitar’s helmet flew off and he was really woozy.  Too bad he hit the post in OT, I would have loved to see him get a game winner.  Still a nice game from him though.  Especially when playing through bone spurs.

The Sedins played not bad, but they just can’t get out of this slump.  It’s OK right now because the Canucks are getting secondary scoring, but it would be better if they got going for the playoffs.

Cloots was surprisingly good in net for the Kings.  While there was no way in hell I wanted him to get a shutout against the Canucks, it would be nice to see him get his career back on track.

The guys were extra adorable celebrating the win tonight.  Mitchell and Burr were face washing each other after the OT goal.  You could tell they definitely wanted this one.  It’s still not a sure thing that they will make the playoffs, but they have put together a nice streak.


5 thoughts on “Canucks finally beat the Kings

  1. Now! If we can just get Pyatt moving! What happened there? he was on such a nice point run for a while, but then that facial injury happened, and it’s seems like it’s been a struggle since…

  2. I’ve liked how Pyatt has improved his overall defensive game, but he has definitely been snake bitten lately! He has hit ten posts it seems. Poor guy.

  3. I was at the game actually. It was a good game.

    This quote from Burrows made me laugh:

    “We’ve never even been in an argument,” Burrows said, smiling. “We’re always smiling, joking with each other. We make sure we get under people’s skin, especially [Kevin] Bieksa’s because he’s a bit of a rat. We just like to have fun. I’m louder, and Kes is a little quieter but he cracks a lot of jokes. Kes is from 8 Mile so he knows how to run the show. He is really funny.”

    Are they dating or something?

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