Canucks finally seem to be going in the right direction

The Canucks are certainly a puzzle this season.  Two depressing losses against the Ducks and Coyotes, where no one was showing much life, and it felt like the season might be over.  Followed up by a rousing inspirational speech by Trev Linden, freshly inserted into the line up, and then two energetic wins against the Stars and the Coyotes.  It’s never clear what version of the Canucks we will see on a night to night basis, but somehow I still love them anyways.  While they may lack consistency, it is admirable that they are still in the playoff picture with all the injuries they have had.

I missed some of the Stars game, but it might be nice if the guys stop giving up three goal leads.  I’m definitely not an expert, but it seems a risky move for a “low scoring” team to pull in the playoffs.  Just a thought, guys.

I really like the 3M line. They were a force all night, and all showed up on the score sheet.  Nazzy seems happy to have Mo back. He’s a totally different player off the rush.

The Coyotes game was a good revenge game.  They played so much better in this game than the one last week.  It was also really great to see Hank Sedin and Taylor Pyatt finally bust out of their slumps.  Hank’s second goal was especially cool because he batted it out of the air.  Maybe he plays baseball in Sweden during the off season.  Poor Danny Sedin still hasn’t scored, but he is playing much better.

Lui must have thought he had died and gone to heaven when he had a two goal cushion for most of the night.

Rick Rypien had a great fight with Daniel Carcillo. It was a long fight, and Rypien got the take down, even though he was quite a bit smaller than Carcillo.

Who would have thought that splitting up the Sedins would actually work?  They look quite good by themselves, and it might pay off in the playoffs, because it will be less obvious which line the other team should shut down.

Get better soon, Matty!  I miss you.

It is all division games from now on, and I think it should be a great finish.  It probably won’t be clear who is taking the division title until the last game of the season.


10 thoughts on “Canucks finally seem to be going in the right direction

  1. Lui probably died a little more when he gave up that 3-0 cushion again dallas. XDDDDDDDDD;;; “WHAT HAVE I DOOOONNNEEEE!! don’t kill me guyz! i’ll bake cookies!!!”

  2. Trevor Linden is the Canucks’ Masterson Trophy Candidate this year, correct? Deservedly so! I think I would pretty much dive head first into a nest of angry bees covered in honey if Trevor Linden gave me an rousing enough speech:)

    Oh! I hope you don’t mind but I linked to you on my blogroll.
    I am a Sabres fan but the Canucks are my Western conference faves. I always like to be courteous and let people know when I link them..

  3. HA! That’s totally what Lui was like in the Dallas game. Poor,crazy,abused goalie.

    Trev is indeed the Masterton candidate! Hooray! Hee. What a great description(angry bees), and I agree. I probably would too.

    Thanks for linking me! I don’t mind at all! I’ll add you to mine if that works. All the Sabres fans at IPB have pushed me into having a soft spot for the Sabres :)

  4. Maybe this is why Naslund has bad interviews and gives out cliches. :P

    Everytime he says something insightful, they somehow twists it into something negative and go ZOMG NAZY SUCKS.

  5. Exactly! Remember he said that thing about wanting more puck possession, and then people were screaming that he hated the coach and was leaving Vancouver and flying back to Sweden and all that? Poor Vancouver players just can’t win.

  6. LOL! OMG and when back in .. 01 02? 02 03?? When he was apologizing to the fans because the team choked (“we choked”) people are like ZOMG A REAL CAPTAIN WOULD NEVER SAY SOMETHING LIKE THAT.

    wtf. make up your mind people.

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