3-2 Canucks lose

This game made me so angry.  I know the Canucks have had massive injuries this year, and it is impressive that they’re still in the playoff picture, but this was unacceptable.  When other people outside of Vancouver say how the Canucks are untalented and nothing without Lui, it makes me mad, because I think the other guys usually work hard and deserve more credit.  But a game like this should just not happen.  They had a great first period, and then completely fell apart.  They stopped skating, they started treating like the puck like a bomb, they let the Flames beat on them and didn’t hit back, and they panicked and made incredibly stupid decisions.  I know the guys have a hard time scoring, and I can accept that, but not even trying when the Flames start putting on pressure, I can’t accept.  They better figure out pretty damn quick if they even care about sticking around for the playoffs.


4 thoughts on “3-2 Canucks lose

  1. Exactly! They’re so mean! Those bitches. I don’t know why they hate us so. We spend so much talking about them.

  2. Ugh. I hate when people say the Canucks are nothing with Luongo.

    WTF man. The _________ (team here) is nothing without their _____________ (superstar play here).

    Obviously. There’s a reason you pay these guys big bucks. Take away those big money players and all teams are ‘nothing’.

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