Look what you’ve turned me into

Mo is out for the season with a torn ACL and Lui has left for Florida for the birth of his first kid.  Poor Mo.  He just came back from his wrist injury, and now this is another brutal, long term injury.  His career is very much up in the air now, because he’s a UFA this summer.  Hopefully it works out for him.  Good for Lui for putting family first.  I can’t believe some people are saying he should stay in Vancouver if there’s a game to be played.  Give me a break.  No matter how much money someone is paid, they shouldn’t have to miss the birth of their first child for a hockey game.  This end of season melt down has turned me into this:


I hope you’re happy, Canucks.


10 thoughts on “Look what you’ve turned me into

  1. I agree with you that he should have been down there for the birth of his daughter. I read somewhere that someone was like these games are more important than the birth of some kid and I had to reread it about 10 times to make sure there wasn’t a typo.

  2. Aren’t some people crazy, elise? I’m been scratching my head. And it’s his FIRST kid! Not like his seventh or something (and not that he should miss the birth of his seventh kid but yeah).

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