I am an empty hockey shell

I just don’t even know what to say anymore.  They look exhausted and beat down and like they don’t even care anymore.  And you know what? I’m at that point too.  I can’t even get pissed off anymore. 

They most definitely need a whole bunch more scoring punch next year, but the guys that they do have didn’t even have a chance this year with all the injuries.  The goalie is worn out, the defence is cracking and they’re all playing way too many minutes, and even Kes and Burr aren’t playing with energy anymore.  They are just done.  They tried.  Seventy-seven games was too much to play with all the significant injuries.  I’m not giving up on them.  But they’re already this tired and injured, and they haven’t even hit the playoffs yet.  When this team is 100% healthy, I like their jam, and it’s possible they make some noise, but not like this.  They are not getting anywhere like this.  The guys have made a good run of it, but they are burnt out. 

This team needs some new scorers this summer, and some guys that will punish the opposing team if they even try to hit the Sedins or skate up to Lui’s net.  Maybe then we can try and make a run next year during the playoffs. 

It’s sad that Nazzy and Trev’s probable last games as Canucks are happening like this, but that’s just the way this crazy, frustrating season has gone. 

For some reason I will watch every minute of these last four games.  I guess because it’s like a car crash and you can’t look away.  But it sure feels like the season was over tonight.  I’m trying to move on from anger and misery, and look forward to hearing what young guns they pick in the draft, and who Nonis picks up for next year.  I’m excited at the possibility of a stronger, and more exciting team in the fall.  Every guy that goes, I will miss like crazy, but it’s time for change.


2 thoughts on “I am an empty hockey shell

  1. I want to say you’re wrong, just you watch, they will wake up….but I can’t help but agree with you, they are knackered, and it breaks my heart to see Nazzy so helpless and Lu so sad and tired (IMO they should have let him stay with Gina a while, have a rest, and let Sanford take a couple of starts)

    I haven’t even got the heart to blog about it

  2. Yeah, Nazzy is really breaking my heart right now. Poor guy. I hated writing this, and I want them to wake up too, but I think they’ve run out of time. I want these guys to succeed so badly, but it doesn’t look like it will happen. And I agree about letting Sanford start last night.

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