Canucks/Flames live blog. Last chance to get back in it.

 First period

– One gulp of vodka&sprite and Nazzy has knocked down Iginla. That was a great hit on stupid crease head. Good start.

-Another sip of tasty alcohol and the Lames deflected a goal in. Fiddlesticks! So much for that good start. Come on guys. Play like Nazzy.

-Pucks are being turned over everywhere (by the Canucks) Not sure what happened to us being a defensive team. I miss Matty.

-Canucks are keeping the puck in and getting some pressure. Keep trying boys.

Kesler gets waved out of the face off circle. Hee. Iginla and Burr are pushing and shoving.

Phaneuf is a douche bag. Just bumped Lui and is starting some shit. Fights. Kes and Iginla. Isbister and Lombardi.

-The Canucks look at least energetic tonight. HA! Phaneuf gets a double minor.

Nazzy looks hot tonight. I really hope his(potential) last games go well. Time for a power play. It hasn’t been good lately. Now would be a really good time for it to come up strong. Puck sent down the ice…not a good start.

-Eeeek. Nazzy sends the puck over the glass. Not good.

Hank Sedin brings the Canucks off the power play. I heart the Sedins but they really grind my gears taking stupid penalties in the offensive zone.

Petting Zoo just destroyed 2 Lames players at once with a hit. Wooo! Now just get a goal.

-HA HA! 2 many men against Calgary.

-Geez! Lui makes a save on Iggy the crease head.

Edler pushing Lombardi. Hee. Don’t see that every day.

Crease head trying to push all the Canucks around tonight. Douche canoe.

Bieksa tries to hit the net. WOOOOOOO!!!!!! Sami Salo scores on an awesome shot!!!!! Assists to Hank Sedin and Bieksa. Burr almost scores again. Good crowd tonight. Come on boys. Listen to that crowd. You can do this!

-Another PP for the Canucks. High stick. Good stuff.

-Not the best PP. Lombardi gets the puck, but Nazzy pokes the puck away! I really hope Nazzy scores tonight. He’s been working his ass off.

-Shoot. No goals on this PP.

-Nice save by Lui on crease head. HA HA! He doesn’t get to 50.

Danny and Hank trying to get to the net. Knocked down. Sigh.

-Craaap. Edler with a holding penalty. And Tommy’s getting into complaining mode. Lovely. Thinks Edler has to get bigger and stronger. Which is probably true, but Tommy sounded like a whiny baby.

-Good PK so far. Salo smoothly sends it down the ice.

-Crap. Phaneuf gets a good shot away.

-Nice. Back down out of Vancouver’s zone. Good job boys. Ritchie blocks a shot but doesn’t clear. Eeek.

-Woooo! Beauty of a glove save by Lui on a Lame. I think it was Nolan. That guy is so old he’s rotting.

Ericson gets nailed to the ice. Which was nice to see, because the Canucks have had trouble clearing the crease. But shit. Ritchie gets a penalty.

-Awwwww! Shit! Kesler gets hit and can’t get off the ice. Flames score. That was unfortunate. Kes has gone to the dressing room. Poor button. It would be really bad to lose Kes. He’s pretty key.

-WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! Nazzy!! YES! Just when I was getting despondent. You could just feel Nazzy was going to score at some point. Beautiful. Nazzy with 25 for the year.

End of first period. Canucks look both good and bad. Some nice hitting, and they look more emotional tonight, but they are also turning over the puck a lot and not clearing the puck as well as they could. I am in love with Nazzy right now. He knocked over Iginla, scored on a pretty sexy diving play, and also made some nice defensive plays. He scored at 19:19 and he’s number 19. Kind of a delighful coincidence. I will continue to drink vodka throughout the intermission, but I am generally pleased.

Second period.

YES! Kes is back. That is very good news. Bieksa was given an assist on Nazzy’s goal and now has two.

Mitchell has the puck, players are changing.

Lui makes a routine save on a Flame. I think it was Yelle.

Nazzy busted back to try and stop that shot. Nazzy says fuck you to anyone that claims he’s a bad leader.

Linden scores! WOOOOOO! 3-2 bitches. Now it gets interesting. Ritchie and Cowan set it up. Nice. That’s the fourth line.

-Ahhh! Lombardi hits the post.

-puck out of play.

-Nice! Iginla falls over and Bieksa hits another ugly Lame.

-Huh. Salo got an elbow up on a Lame. Power play for the Flames. I’m a little nervous. OH MY HOCKEY GOD! Puck is on the goal line, past Lui, and Edler somehow gets it out. That was hot! Edler might be in close competition with Nazzy for humming giraffe’s current favourite Canuck.

Salo out of the sin bin. Phew.

Linden scores AGAIN! Holy Shit! 4-2. 2 in the game for Linden. He should never be scratched again! Kipper is pulled. CuJo in. First point as a Canuck for Mike Weaver. Maybe the guys will stop making fun of him now.

-Canucks PP. Shoot. Puck gets loose. But Flames go off side short handed.

-Not the best PP. Passing but no real shots on net. Edler gets a good shot on net but CuJo makes the save.

-Power play over. Petting Zoo almost gets a goal but CuJo somehow makes a crazy save! Robbery right there. Canucks were already about to celebrate.

-Hee. Canucks are trying to get Trev Linden the puck for a hat trick. I love that about hockey.

-Oooh. Danny Sedin almost gets a breakaway, but he can’t control the puck.

Petting Zoo tries a wrist shot.

Pie Hat powers to the net. That was tasty. Shannon gets the puck and sets up Petting Zoo. WOOOO!!!! GOAL! 5-2. Assists to Shannon and they give it to Pie Hat too, even though there was a Calgary interception before the goal. The big guy deserves it.

-Save from CuJo on Burr.

-Shit! WOW! That looked like a Calgary goal for sure, but somehow it stayed out. Unbelievable.

Cowan tripped by that douche bag Phaneuf.

-Great “Calgary sucks!” chant by the crowd. Nice and loud.

-Awww Pie Hat shoots it wide. And then takes a penalty. Damn. It’s a hook. Ok.

-Oooh so close! Kes almost scores short handed!

Phaneuf fans on a one timer. Loser.

Burr tries to clear but can’t quite do it. Petting Zoo does clear it.

-Calgary sets up again. Looks a little scary, but Edler intercepts and sends it down the ice.

-Power play over.

Pie Hat is having some words with Vandemeer.

-WOW! Lui makes a HUGE save on Captain crease head.

Burr almost scores on a wrap around. Mitchell almost scores again!

End of second period. Somehow I ended up not drinking any vodka for the whole twenty minutes. The Canucks were on fire this period! Trev Linden scored twice! The crowd was loud, Kipper got pulled, and Petting Zoo scored as well. I am very happy. Trev and Lui are now having a cage fight with Nazzy and Edler for humming giraffe’s favourite Canuck.

Third period

Kes skates in quickly and gets a wrist shot off but CuJo saves it. Izzbizzle scores!!! WOOO!! 6-2. Kes with the assist.

Regher runs to hit a Canuck and misses and crashes into the boards. HA!

-A stupid Flame tries to throw Mitchell on Lui. Some scrums. Canucks get a PP.

-I missed the first PP but the Canucks are back on the PP because Burr got slashed. I’m a little worried that the Flames are going to hurt some Canucks.

-Hee. Salo loses a step and takes a penalty. 4 or 4 for a bit.

-Oooooh! Lui with a sexy save!

Bourdon tries to lead a 3 on 2. It’s broken up by the Flames. Nice to see Luc gaining some confidence.

-Boo! Hank to Danny to Edler but he can’t quite get a shot away. We want 7!

-Penalty to Sarich. Punches Hank Sedin. He’s taken about 5 penalties it seems like. Sarich is out of the game. Game misconduct and 2 minors.

Linden is on the PP. Trying to get him the hat trick. Very classy. Unfortunately Trev got a hooking call. Too bad. More 4 on 4.

-Passing around so far.  Flames get the puck. Put it on goal but Lui makes an easy save.

Kes tries to split the defence and is hauled down. No call.

Danny Sedin has the puck and Trev is back on. Awwww. Linden was at the net for the hat trick but gets poke checked. Too bad. The crowd was already standing up.

-A bit of back and forth.

Vandemeer gets a weak shot on Lui.

Ritchie almost deflects one in.

-The action has died down a bit, but I don’t really mind.

Lui makes a couple of good glove saves. He makes me a little nervous when it’s above his waist, but no problem this time.

-I really hope Trev can get a hat trick.

Kes steals the puck from Iginla.

Trev is back on. 5 minutes to go.

Linden passes to Ritchie. Ritchie is poke checked.

Bourdon shoots wide. Petting Zoo loses the puck.

Phaneuf is back on. That ugly caveman. Iginla punches Burr in the face twice!!! JACKASS! For some freakin reason Burr gets a penalty. Me no likey.

-Ok. So Burr gets a 2 minute cross check and crease head gets a game misconduct I think and a double minor. Iginla is kind of a punk. I don’t really care that he’s such a good leader.

-Another Calgary penalty. They’re falling apart. Linden on for one last try at the hat trick. DANG! Goes off the side of the net.

AND THE CANUCKS WIN 6-2!!!! Man did they need that. They’re not dead yet. That was fun! Nazzy and Trev are beasts! And I suppose I should be whipped for doubting these crazy bastards.  Go Canucks!


12 thoughts on “Canucks/Flames live blog. Last chance to get back in it.

  1. Maybe two of the hottest guys in the league, eh? Heh. This was a really fun game to watch actually. Much less stressfull than I thought it would be. It wasn’t REALLY a fight. It was more one of those pairing off shoving kind of things, but no punches were actually thrown. I just couldn’t think of a better word for it.

  2. It’s true. I definitely have a thing for Nazzy and Lombo. I feel like such a bad Wild fan…I can’t help it. It’s Lombo’s skating, I swear it is. I can’t see his lovely dark brown eyes when he’s skating by 500 miles per hour.

    Haha, I know what you mean. Kind of like the Burrows/Bouchard fight the other night?

  3. Mmmmm. Lombo’s skating is so sexy! I felt so dirty when I realized I have a thing for him. We might have to turn our fan cards in.

    Hee. Very similar to the Burr/Bouchard fight.

  4. That was a fun game to watch. I don’t know why Naslund didn’t get credited with any of the ‘hits’ he had .. XD;; They don’t want to ruin his good swede image? LOL


  5. Yeah, we FINALLY had a fun game to watch, eh? HEE! I don’t know why they didn’t want to let Nazzy be on record as a Swedish hitting machine :) He was a beast last night for sure. LOVED his goal! And hitting Iginla was classic.

  6. There are very few players I actually despise but Dion Phaneuf is one of them. (although if he were playing on MY team, I’d be all over him like white on rice, but I digress….)

    also I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS! It’s like my love for Kes grows daily. I don’t know who I am more crazy about – him or Salo. They alternatebeing my favorite Canuck on an almost nightly basis.

    and ahhh, NAZZY! I don’t know how anyone can NOT love him. I was so excited when they came to Florida this season because it was the first time I ever saw them play live, and I had all good intentions of asking him to sign a Canucks hat for me, but then the second he came out the hotel I panicked and ran away:(, I was too nervous. Sigh.

  7. Hee! Me too, Rinslet.

    MJ, I hate Phaneuf so much I’m not even sure if I could handle him on my own team. And that’s probably dumb but yeah.

    Kes has been AMAZING this year! That boy is going to be a total steal the next couple of years. I’m so glad we didn’t trade him for Richards. Salo is a total stud too, if only he were a little less bubble boy.

    Nazzy is a total doll. Matty Ohlund is my favourite Canuck, but Nazzy is a very close second. He’s a total sweetheart and a class act. I’m going to miss him SO much when he’s probably not a Canuck next year. Awww. Nazzy’s awesome about giving autographs! That’s too bad. But I probably would have chickened out too. He’s way too attractive in person. Heh.

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