I’m a sad panda


                    Ballerina Forsberg is not our friend

I wish I could stop caring and cheering for you guys, but I can’t.  I hate you, but I can’t give up on you.  So step up!  Thursday is your last chance!  Lui, I know you’re tired and have had a stressful year, but you are getting paid a shit load of money.  You have got to be better.  What can I do to get you back to feeling like a solid brick wall goalie god?  Because I’ll do it.  Everybody is saying all of you are not good enough or not strong enough.  Which might be true.  But it’s about time to prove them wrong.  A bunch of you are probably not going to be Canucks next season, so at least play your little hearts out and let me cheer for you one last time.

Oh and you better do a little dance to the hockey gods and hope that Nashville starts losing. 


8 thoughts on “I’m a sad panda

  1. I think people are effing crazy. No way on god’s green earth does Louie get traded/leave the Nucks. Impossible.

  2. I don’t think Nonis would ever trade him, but a lot of people think he’s going to bolt as soon as his contract is done. Which I think is kind of silly. He was going to resign in Florida before he got traded! And while the Canucks definitely need some upgrades, they are a lot closer to the Cup than Florida ever was.

  3. Word, Rinslet. So sad. Hopefully they can win on Thursday! But I’m not holding my breath.

    Thanks, Patty! I hope you’re right! Hee. That picture cheered me up.

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