This is the season


So, I’ve said the angry “I’m never going to watch you losers again!”, and I’ve tried the accepting, realistic, “The season was over when he hit that four game losing skid, they’re just too injured, this draft is really deep this year anyways.”, mindset.  But I’ve concluded today that those two things don’t quite work for me.  There’s still a tiny, probably delusional, part of me that won’t give up on them until they are officially eliminated from getting into the playoffs.  This team does need improvements, they are kind of painfully boring to watch when they’re losing, and often scoring more than two goals looks close to rocket science, but I picked this team, and I’m stuck with them.  And I like them.  So I’m cheering them on tonight, and even though I know they have no real chance to go anywhere in the playoffs, I still want them to be able to try.


I will be stocking up on this.  Anybody that watches the Canucks sober these days is a crazy person.

And they’re done.  You kind of knew this team was done when all of the injuries started hitting.  I’m so sad for Trev and Nazzy.  I just don’t even know what happened…all those power plays…and one goal.  That’s all she wrote.  Still the game on Saturday. But it means nothing.  Man, that’s got to hurt, fan appreciation and they’re out of the playoffs.


9 thoughts on “This is the season

  1. alix, I’m so sorry. I was stunned to find out. And I didn’t feel bad for the Canucks – I felt bad for you.

    I hope you’ve got some sugar to go with the alcohol. Just remember – *you’re* not responsible for *their* crap!

  2. Yeah poor Nazzy got hauled down like 3 times on the power play. I swear. No calls. But I doubt any more power plays would have helped them. *Sigh*

  3. The refs were letting a lot go, but yeah… it’s not like they did a lot with the PPs they did get, especially that 5-3.

    I was gleeful for the Oilers, of course, but I did feel a bit bad for the fans. (I didn’t feel very bad when Edmonton was eliminated the game before, mostly because I figured long ago they weren’t going to get the privilege of losing to Detroit in the first round.) And to all those who say Canucks fans have no class (there’s quite a few Oilers fans who say that :( ), that was quite the cheer when Stoll got up after taking the puck in the ear.

  4. When we didn’t score on that 5 on 3, I knew that was probably it.

    The Oilers young guns look pretty damn impressive, so if the vets stay healthy next year, you should probably be able to do some real damage. I guess that makes the elimination a little easier.

    I have noticed that, just peeking around the blogosphere, about some Oilers fans saying we have no class. It kind of surprised me. I think every fan base has some classless fans, but the majority of Canucks fans I’ve met are smart and pretty awesome. I’m glad Stoll was ok. And he showed some real character coming back to play in an technically “meaningless” game.

    Good luck next year!

  5. alix, dunno what it is. Like you said, every fanbase will have the types who probably have difficulty talking and thinking at the same time. There’s some real mouthbreathers amongst Oilers fans too, unfortunately, but that’s the way it is. The sort who wish death upon Chris Pronger and call his wife a skank, etc, and justify it because he told the city his family didn’t like it, so he was leaving.

    Anyway, I’ve always had a sweet spot for Vancouver (Tomas Gradin, Stan Smyl, Tony Tani, and I don’t even hate Todd Bertuzzi, although Jarkko Ruutu and Matt Cooke always drove me wild).. so, good luck to you and your team next season too. :)

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