Three cheers for Trev Linden

So, the season comes to an end tonight.  A meaningless game against Calgary.  I bet it’s not meaningless to Trev Linden though.  While Trev hasn’t officially put the word out about his retirement, signs point to this being his last game as a Canuck.  He is a class act without question, and has proudly worn the Canucks sweater for close to twenty years.  Trev has fully embraced Vancouver since he was drafted in 1988, and the city has done the same to him.  I would probably say no Canuck in history has been as loved as Trevor Linden.  While I never saw him play in his prime, I still managed to get very attached to him.  It will be strange to see him not lacing them up next season.  If you’re at the game tonight, yell extra loud for Mr. Linden.  If you’re driving around Vancouver today, honk your horn for Trev.  He deserves it.


3 thoughts on “Three cheers for Trev Linden

  1. Yeah, ummmm. The score was not pretty. But it was weird, it didn’t feel like such a horrible game. I guess cause the place was rocking for Trev. And at one end of the ice the Flames players were making crazy passes so Iginla would get his 50th. Then at the other end of the ice our guys were making crazy passes to get Trev a goal. So it was kind of amusing.

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