Dave Nonis fired!

This one caught me completely by surprise.  Sure, it was a disappointing year, but I figured he would have this summer to try and fix the problems.  I guess Aquilini wanted his own guy as GM.  From what I heard from Ryan Kesler on the radio, he was shocked and very disappointed.  I think Nonis could have done some good things for the franchise this summer, but then again, I’m not an owner.  I feel bad for Nonis, everyone says he is a very nice man.  I hope it works out for him.  This news makes the off season even more interesting and causes many more questions.

Who is the new GM?

Who gets resigned? Nazzy? Mo?

Does AV get fired too?

Reports were saying Nonis was very close to signing super Swedish prospect Fabian Brunnstrom, does that still happen with Nonis gone?

If Trev Linden is retiring, does he still get a position with Canucks management if he wants it?

Do the prospects like Edler, Raymond, and Bourdon stay with the Canucks?

There is a press conference scheduled for 11 am tomorrow morning, so some questions may get answered.  This off season will not be boring, that’s for sure.

Updated: So the press conference was kind of a gong show.  Aquilini was dodging the difficult questions, and kept repeating the word leadership over and over again.  But then couldn’t explain what his definition of leadership was.  He said that Nonis was fired because he wants a competitive team long term, but then kept talking about he and the fans being disappointed they missed the playoffs.  It doesn’t sound like he has much of a plan.  Maybe he’s just a poor public speaker.  I can sympathize with that, because I find it terrifying.  But I’m sure not filled with confidence about this whole situation.


8 thoughts on “Dave Nonis fired!

  1. Oh god I know. I was half-studying, half-listening to the interview and after a while I was just in shock after hearing the first bit of it. “This is the guy who owns the Canucks??”

    Wow. That presscon didn’t give me any confidence at all. In fact, it deflated me. I am very worried about the state of the team after hearing this.


  2. Me too, Rinslet, me too. I have no idea what to think right now. I’m trying not to freak out, but it seems like we might start turning into the Leafs of the West.

  3. The funny thing is, he was asked to define what leadership was, since he obviously emphasized it in what he’s looking for in a GM, and you look at his definition, and it’s practically everything Nonis is.

  4. That’s EXACTLY what I thought! Everything he said about wanting a long term competitive team and all that, it sounded to me like that was exactly what Nonis was trying to do. Bah. I’m just confused. And they’re probably not getting that fancy Brunnstrom kid anymore. Boo.

  5. I am getting extremely worried. I guess we have to wait and see who they bring in, but I just have a bad feeling about this whole thing. It’s definitey not boring, I guess…

  6. I’m sorry the Wild were eliminated. While I don’t exactly like them, I was definitely pulling for them over the Avs. And it sucks for you. You do have a bunch of UFA, don’t you? Do you think Rolston would go to a division rival? Hee. Enjoy the circus.

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