Canucks fans in limbo and random playoff thoughts

It seems like the new spring activity is guessing who the new Canucks GM will be.  Everyone is throwing out names like it’s going out of style.  Player agents seem to be popular.  And I even heard Pierre McGuire mentioned several times(lay off the crack pipe, people).  The longer we don’t here directly from the Aquilinis, the more I think we’re going to have this dude as the new GM

Trades Luongo for a box of bananas

I had picked the Canadiens to come out of the East before the playoffs had even started, and was cheering for them to begin with. They haven’t looked like the power house everyone was saying they were.  All of a sudden, half way through this series, I realized I was pulling harder for the Bruins.  I love Milan Lucic, and the Bruins are hardworking and scrappy. 

I would love it if the Sharks could squash the Flames tonight.  I’m getting tired of seeing all the ugly Flames sweaters around campus.

If the Ducks get eliminated by the Stars, it would pretty much make my year.

I don’t particularly like the Wild, but I hate the AVS even more and I’m annoyed that they are moving on. 

I can’t wait to watch Malkin in the second round.

6 thoughts on “Canucks fans in limbo and random playoff thoughts

  1. That’s like what the Twins traded Johan Santana for, except we didn’t even get a box of bananas out of the deal.


    Leanne is trying to pull me to the dark side and get me to cheer for Calgary, she’s using Matthew Lombardi! It should be considered cheating to have him on the team.

  2. Well I guess bananas are tasty…

    I’m so happy the Ducks lost! Bunch of douche bags!

    That’s just cruel using Lombo! Don’t give in…

    So we hired Mike Gillis. No idea what’s going to happen but it sounds like he wants to revamp our forwards and improve our scouting/drafting. Might be good.

  3. I know! Life is good. Eat shit, Ducks, too bad we also lost in the first round, it makes it not quite as satisfying to see them lose.

    Apparently my inability to choose between Lombo and Thornton didn’t hurt the karma any.

    Who the hell is Mike Gillis? Those things all sound like good things to improve. Maybe he has a daughter who will advise him to keep Nazzy around.

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