Note to the new GM

Dear Mr. Gillis,

If you get us a Stanley Cup, I will probably love you forever.  Men in Vancouver will name their first born sons after you.  You seem like a really smart dude, and I’m excited to see what you can do for the Canucks.  It certainly hasn’t worked out for us so far.  If I could just ask one teeny, tiny favour?  Please don’t trade Matty Ohlund or ask him to waive his NTC.  He’s awesome, and I think you want him around.  Matty will play big minutes and even score you some goals, which you might have already heard the Canucks have trouble doing.  Plus, I hear he makes a mean meatball.  Thank you very much.  Good luck with the Vancouver crazies and getting through the off season.  Looking forward to seeing your team in September. 

Sincerely, The Humming Giraffe


3 thoughts on “Note to the new GM

  1. GMs have to work together to some extent if they want anything to get done. They have the rest of their lives after retirement/getting fired to hate each other.

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