Random Hockey Thoughts As I Try To Pretend I Don’t Miss The Canucks

The Canucks wore me out this year, but I’m refreshed from my break from them, and am now slowly reaching the point where I want them to play again.  I have a faint longing for October and the start of new hockey, when feelings about the Canucks are still positive, and the season is stretched out before me, filled with possibility.  I’m sure this isn’t healthy, and will lead to a very long off season, so I’m ignoring said feelings and trying to distract myself with the hockey that I do have. 


 -I have become totally attached to the Sharks.  Patrick Marleau is my playoffs boyfriend, and watching him streak in on Marty Turco shorthanded is way too much fun.  When the playoffs started, I picked them to root for because I figured they were a safe pick.  They didn’t have the Canucks like underdog vibe, and surely couldn’t break my heart.  Then, they kind of started sucking, and had a slacker vibe going on, which somehow made me love them more.  Apparently, I dig the slackers.


 -The Wings are extremely pretty to watch.  Zetterberg’s goal against the Avalanche in the last game of the series was absolutely sick.  Behind the back shot as he’s falling to the ice, top shelf and in.  I also like how it seems like they are fifty percent European.  I want them to do well and shut up the Don Cherry like people of the world.


 -Every time R.J Umberger scores in these playoffs, a tiny bit of me cries inside.  Thanks, Burkie!  It’s maybe not quite as bad as giving up Cam Neely, but still pretty damn depressing.


  -I’m fairly upset the Habs were eliminated.  They were the last Canadian team standing, and I liked watching them.  But they didn’t really deserve to win this series.  It’s probably the best for the city, considering the riots after round 1.  Montreal might not have been left standing if they got to the finals.  


 -Canada has dominated so far in the World Championships, which isn’t too surprising because they’ve only played Slovenia and Latvia.  That being said, the Nash/Getzlaf/Heatley is gorgeous to watch, and should probably dominate through out the tournament.  I found Kopitar charming and adorable when he talked about Slovenia wanting to hold Canada to five goals.  He also said that he knows people don’t think Slovenia is the most talented team, but they just want to have some fun.


  -Jannick Hansen, a baby Canuck, had a really good year with the Manitoba Moose, and is playing for Denmark in the World Championships.  While they’ve lost their games so far, he’s had a couple of goals and assists.(Edited to add that Denmark only lost their first game, and won against Italy. Jannick scored the game winner! My bad.)


 -Sweden cut Alex Edler from their team.  Not cool, Sweden, not cool at all.  But I guess he gets more time to rest, and can come back next season and be even more badass.


 -I’m looking forward to watching both conference finals, they should both be very entertaining, although the media coverage will be highly annoying and hard to ignore if the Penguins win the Cup.  While I have a massive hockey crush on Malkin, I don’t think I’ll be able to take it.


 -Will Mike Gillis give us some idea what he’s going to do with the Canucks soon? I’m getting bored.

6 thoughts on “Random Hockey Thoughts As I Try To Pretend I Don’t Miss The Canucks

  1. I want us to do well too! Obviously :) I’ve been pretty happy so far. We really are half European though – eight Swedes, a Russian, a Finn, two Czechs, and a Slovak. Take that Don Cherry!

  2. Mmm, Joe Thornton. He is the only reason I even remotely like the Sharks. He can grow a playoff beard like nobodies business.

    RICK NASH! I luff him lots. He entertains me and wears fantastic ties.

    I really, really wish Montreal were still in the playoffs, I wanted to to go up when I finished school and hang out with my friends there and drink! My mom told me she suspected I would join everyone in helping to destroy the city.

  3. Steph, that’s pretty fantastic. I might just have to cheer for the Wings because of all those Swedes. And Don Cherry would probably throw up all over his floral suit if a European captain won the Cup.

    Kirsten, JoeTho is pretty adorable, but my Sharks boyfriend is Patty Marleau. He’s pretty. It must be the skating…

    Rick Nash is adorable! I kind of love how he’s a bit of a fatty.

    That would have been awesome being in Montreal! I’ve always wanted to go there. There’s always next year, right?

    Yeah, it kind of looks like the Pens might do it, eh wraparoundcurl? Although I think the Western team has a good chance at containing their big guns. We’ll see…

  4. Hey I’ll take whatever fans I can get for whatever reasons! I remember Cherry being rather shell shocked when Nick Lidstrom was the first European to take home the Conn Smythe…he might really not survive watching him lift the cup. (Um, if it happens. Not jinxing, not jinxing!)

  5. Next year indeed. It’s always next year.
    JoeTho and Vincent Lecavalier are both on my dream team. Thornton for entertainment, and Vinny to look at.

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