I got your rumours and some other odds and ends

A few media people, including the Team 1040, Canucks radio, have reported that Nazzy has been showing Pavol Demitra around Vancouver.  It amuses me imagining those two strutting down Robson Street together.  They were both former clients of Gillis, so it makes sense that they are friendly.  I had pretty much decided that Nazzy was not coming back to Vancouver, but this makes things much more interesting.  Why would Nazzy be spending the time showing Demitra the beautiful sites of Vancouver if he had no interest in playing again in the city?  Is Gillis going to try and get some guys for Nazzy to mesh with?  I guess we won’t know anything for sure until closer to July and free agency.

One of Jannick Hansen’s goals with Denmark was put on YouTube, and it was a beauty.  He snuck it through a defender’s legs and then sniped it high over the goalie.  He’s not talked up as a top 6 forward, although I think he could be a very solid third liner with Kes and Burr.  I hope we get to see him on the roster next season.

That Sharks/Stars game last night was fantastic!  The speed was incredible, the goalies were going insane and making saves to one up each other, and it just kept going and going!  It’s delighful we finally got to see a marathon OT game.  There’s nothing better than playoff OT hockey when it’s played like that. 

I’m a little brokenhearted about the Sharks.  They were my playoffs love affair, and now it’s over.  I think Patty Marleau should come to Vancouver.  He must be so stressed from all the negativity.  And the quiet, sensitive Captain that gets abused spot is already filled, so he doesn’t have to worry. Hee.

Canada and the USA play in the world championships tomorrow.  I’m really looking forward to that game.  There’s a lot of very good players on both sides and it should be fun to watch.


6 thoughts on “I got your rumours and some other odds and ends

  1. I get it now, that’s why Demitra and Nazzy were hanging out. I couldn’t for the life of me figure out how they knew each other/were connected.

    GO CANADA GO! They won!

  2. Yeah, apparently Gillis says all his clients are like BFF or something. Heh. Nazzy said yesterday he won’t play in a totally defensive system, so we’ll see what happens. Hee! Shouldn’t you be saying GO US GO? But yeah, that was a pretty fun game.

  3. Which means that Nazzy won’t be coming to Minnesota…

    Nope. I always cheer for Team Canada, even growing up in a Team USA hotbed. You can blame Joe Sakic for that one.

  4. A shame really. Maybe Gillis will want to run and gun. We do have Luongo in net…

    Ahh yes, the power of Burnaby Joe is strong. :D

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