10th Overall Come On Down!

This off season thing kind of sucks.  I’m already pretty bored.  My fingers are crossed that free agency and the draft are successful for the Canucks.  Gillis is still not revealing too much in interviews, which I suppose is a good move when it comes to wheeling and dealing with other GMs, but it makes it rather dull for the everyday fan.  He seems like a smart dude, which makes me think I should be optimistic, yet it’s ingrained into a Canucks fan to expect the worst at all times, so I’m not totally sold. 

One benefit to the Canucks having an epic flame out at the end of the season is a very tasty draft pick.  They get to pick tenth overall, and this year’s draft is reported to be deep in talent, so they should be getting a very nice player.  The Humming Giraffe decided to investigate what hot bitches were projected to go 10th overall, and get to know them a little better.  I’m sure they will all look fabulous in the Canucks sweater.


Colin Wilson is all American and plays for Boston University.  He’s 6’1″ and 215 pounds and plays forward.  From an NHL.com feature, scouts say this about Wilson, “His skill level is excellent, he has great hands, incredible vision, he sees the puck flow very, very well.  Excellent hockey sense, quick feet.”  Sounds pretty great, eh?  He admires Chris Drury and Rod Brind’Amour and is a strong two way player.  Wilson loves to work out and is a total cutie to boot.  I would love it if the Canucks ended up getting him in June.

Zach Boychuk was born in Alberta and plays for the Lethbridge Hurricanes in the WHL.  He had 72 points in 61 games this season, and won a gold medal with the Canadian World Junior team.  Boychuk is 5’9″ but likes to play physical and works hard.  He sounds like a great guy to have on your team, and there is a lot of smaller guys playing in the NHL recently.  Boychuk really knows how to rock a team Canada picture too.

Colin Wilson and Zach Boychuk are two hot bitches that I would love to have on the Canucks.  Keep up the good work, boys!


8 thoughts on “10th Overall Come On Down!

  1. hmmm, ok so I’m old enough to be Zach’s mum, and he’s a little on the short side, but he is a cutie!!!! :)

    From the point of view of what we really need on the team, though, I’m leaning to the American Boy (off to hum Kanye and Estelle….)

    By the way thank you for your comment on my t-shirt :) I’d be happy to make you an Ohlie one, …..we could probably organise a trade, for example I’d do it for a few issues of the Hockey News which is impossible to get here.


  2. Yeah I REALLY want the American boy too. He sounds like he’ll be great, and we need more size up front. Plus Kes will have some more American buddies. Hee.

    If you really want the Hockey News, I could definitely do that. I’ll start picking up a few different issues. And if you want you can email me your address, and I’ll give you mine. alix_wright@hotmail.com

  3. HA! That’s so true, Patty :)

    Sweet. Good to hear, wraparoundcurl. I had heard good things about him, but had never seen him play.

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