Geno Is A Crazy Awesome Russian

Evgeni Malkin is fast becoming my favourite player to watch in the playoffs.  I knew he was good, but since he plays in the East, I rarely saw him play this season.  I’m definitely watching more Penguins games next year, and I don’t even really like the Penguins that much.  In the game last night, Malkin was absolutely sick and his second goal was hilarious!  He gets smushed by Richards, then waits around to get a pass, and scores on a shorthanded breakaway with a slap shot.  Dude’s got some balls to try that on the penalty kill.  I love that it somehow didn’t bite him in the ass.  And I love that because he doesn’t speak a ton of English, at least in public, he’s not being over hyped.  The Humming Giraffe might have to own up to Malkin being our conference final boyfriend.


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