Canucks New Bad Ass In the Front Office

While we haven’t had any player news yet, we are hearing about moves in the front office.  Gillis hired a Capologist last week, Laurence Gilman, and has now hired Scott Mellanby, as a consultant to the Hockey Operations department.  We still don’t know what he has decided on players for next season, or if AV will still be coaching, but I like that he seems to be getting some smart people to help him out.  Mellanby sounds pretty bad ass.

-When he was playing in Florida, he killed a rat with his hockey stick in the dressing room.  This led to fans throwing fake rats on the ice every time Florida scored, and made the NHL develop a rule about throwing things on the ice and introduced a delay of game for the home team.

-He jumped into a bar brawl to help out his buddy, and had his arm sliced up to hell by a broken beer bottle.  Nerves and tendons were severed and all that.  Mellanby then successfully sued people involved with the incident, claiming he would be a lesser player.  He went on to score 30 goals.

-He could probably suit up next season and outplay the guys on our fourth line.  But even if that doesn’t need to happen, I think his knowledge of players throughout the league, and his familiarity with them will be helpful for the Canucks.


2 thoughts on “Canucks New Bad Ass In the Front Office

  1. alix! This is unrelated, but I thought you might like to know that I saw some guy wearing a Canucks sweatshirt in a bar in Krakow, Poland this weekend! I wasn’t close enough to talk to him, or even figure out what language he was speaking, but it just made me think of you. Yay for international fans!

  2. Hee! That’s awesome! What a random place to see a Canucks sweater. Hockey is so fantastic. That’s sweet you thought of me, Gambler, and I hope you’re still having a great time!

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