Reasons I Love Hockey: Alex Burrows

Why the NHL decided to give the poor hockey fans five days before the Stanley Cup Finals begin, I will never know.  I guess it will give us practice for when that horrible off season thing starts.  But the five day break does make me think of something else to blog about besides the playoffs, so that’s probably a good thing for my brain.  Last summer, Pookie and Schnookie over at IPB decided to write a series of Reasons We Love Hockey, and they were so awesome, I wanted to steal their idea, and they kindly obliged when I asked.  I haven’t been a rabid hockey fan for a long time, but I fell for hockey hard.  It’s fun, and exciting, and intoxicating, and scary when the Canucks are playing it, and there’s so many different things to love about it. 

Alex Burrows has always had a soft spot in my heart, and he’s my first reason why I love hockey. (Don’t worry, Matty, you’re getting a long post about the many, many reasons you’re so totally rad).  First rounders in the draft are fun to watch, and it’s always exciting when your team selects a really talented one, but there’s something to be said about guys that were never drafted, and have to work their asses off and claw their way into the NHL.  Burr got to the NHL because he never stopped working, and I love him for it.  He’s making barely above league minimum, and still skates his ass off every shift.  This alone would rank him high in my list of favourites, but he’s also hilarious and highly entertaining,  His chemistry with Kesler was one of the few bright spots watching the Canucks this season, and their banter back and forth was very amusing in their interviews.  Just hearing his awesome French Canadian accent makes me smile, and he is a great interview.  Burr is a fantastic pest, and one of my favourite memories of this season was being in GM Place for the Detroit game where he bugged Aaron Downey about his potato farm and started a warm up scrum.  I like imagining him hanging out at home, doing research on his days off, and digging up dirt about opposing players.  I’m so glad Alex Burrows worked his hot French Canadian ass off to make the Canucks roster, and I hope he remains one of my reasons I love hockey for many seasons to come.


9 thoughts on “Reasons I Love Hockey: Alex Burrows

  1. I haven’t been a rabid hockey fan for a long time, but I fell for hockey hard.

    It’s so not the quantity of years, but quality! You were wheaty from Day 1 and that’s what counts! :D

    Great post! I’m looking forward to reading your other reasons for loving hockey!

  2. I don’t have a clue what being wheaty means, but let’s hope it’s a good thing :)

    and yes, I’ve enjoyed watching Burr “blossom” over the past couple of years

    I love me a master pest – and hey, any friend of Kes is a friend of mine :D

    (I got your blank t-shirt in the mail this week by the way, just have to find some free time to cut your stencil and we are go go go)

  3. I loveeeee Burrows. He is my favorite. I always say he is my other boyfriend.

    These are the pictures I took when I went to LA to see the Kings play the Canucks. There are a few nice snaps of Mr Burrows in there.

  4. Sarah, being wheaty means you’re a totally loyal fan. The bandwagonny fans are chaff, and the loyal ones are wheat. Long story. Hee. Heather B invented it while hanging out at Interchangeable Parts.

    And WOOO!!! about the t-shirt. Can’t wait to see it. (But no rush)

    That’s cute, wraparoundcurl! Burr kicks ass. I don’t think your pictures worked…unless I’m an idiot. Heh.

  5. (Don’t worry, Matty, you’re getting a long post about the many, many reasons you’re so totally rad)

    Look, I speak from experience — filling a summer with blog posts, even ones that list the reasons you love hockey, is hard work! Don’t write just ONE post about loving Matty. Write, like, a week’s worth of posts!

    (And what a great kick-off for your Reasons series — I’m looking forward to reading more!)

  6. Thanks, Schnookie! That’s great advice. And I do have many reasons I luff Matty.

    Awww! Those pictures are awesome, wraparoundcurl! Burr looks so handsome. And I love the one with Nazzy standing against the bench. He’s a hot bitch.

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