Canucks Assistant Coaches Get Canned (And AV Stays)

TSN is reporting that the Canucks have fired assistant coaches Barry Smith and Mike Kelly.  Strange, huh?  That AV is apparently staying, but he fired his assistants.  I guess AV said some good things in all those meetings he and Gillis had.  I’ve just had a feeling that AV was going to get fired, although now I’m not too sure.  But does it make sense to fire the guys that worked under your main man, but keep the main man?  Don’t your assistant coaches generally follow the game plan of the head coach?  Then again, since when does anything the Canucks do make sense?  Curious.  Those Vegas trips must have given AV some great blackmail material.  I think the strangeness of this offseason is just beginning.

Updated: It was announced that AV got a year extension as head coach.  Meh.  Not a big fan of this decision.  I’ve never been impressed with how he calls his players out in the media, and I’m not convinced he knows how to coach the less gritty, finesse guys.  But maybe I should give him a chance to see what he does with a more offensively talented team.  And the man does dress well.  This probably means no more Nazzy.  Bummer.  I want Nazzy back.  


2 thoughts on “Canucks Assistant Coaches Get Canned (And AV Stays)

  1. I’m not convinced he knows how to coach the less gritty, finesse guys.

    I think the same thing!! I like how he molded Pyatt into a more complete player, but he is a “teaching” coach, you know? He’s like Bob Hartley. I don’t know if he knows how to handle the more veteran guys.

    and awww, Nazzy! My heart is so filled with love for that man…

  2. He definitely did do a good job with Taylor Pirate. His 2 way game is so much better now. But I think you’re totally right about him being a teaching coach and not being the best guy for veterans. It’s probably because he was in the AHL with all the kids.

    Awww. Nazzy is adorable! I’ll be a very sad panda if he leaves.

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